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1962-10-28 (1 photo)

Just back from Hamburg, the Beatles' earliest known radio interview.

1963-02-01 Beatles / New Musical Express (1 photo)

Interview article entitled, "You've pleased-pleased us - say the Beatles."

1963-06-22 (2 photos)

A very early John Lennon solo television appearance. Hit!


The Beatles chat with Phil Tate at the Playhouse Theatre in London.

1963-08-23 (1 photo)

Swedish radio personality Klas Burling interviews the Beatles backstage.

1963-08-28 (4 photos)

A Beatles' dressing room chat in Manchester. Cup of tea, Madam?


A casual Beatles interview at the NEMS offices in London.

1963-10-04 (4 photos)

The Beatles meet singer Dusty Springfield in London.

1963-10-16 (1 photo)

Peter Woods interviews the Beatles during a rehearsal in London.

1963-10-31 (2 photos)

The Beatles discuss their upcoming Royal Variety performance.

1963-11-07 (3 photos)

Beatles interview at Dublin Airport by Frank Hall. God bless Freddie Bell.

1963-11-12 (1 photo)

Jeremy James interviews the Beatles for the program, "Day By Day."


Stuart Hutchison interviews the Beatles for the program, "Move Over Dad."


Gordon Kaye interviews the Beatles backstage at ABC Cinema.

1963-12-07 (6 photos)

The Beatles have fun rating the latest record releases in Britain. Hit!

1963-12-10 (1 photo)

Dibbs Mather interviews the Beatles backstage at the Gaumont Theatre.

1964-01-00 (1 photo)

Open-end Interview to promote the Beatles' 1st Capitol album in the States

1964-01-24 (1 photo)

Harold Kelley interviews the Beatles for Armed Forces Network Radio.

1964-02-05 (2 photos)

The Beatles return home from Paris, two days before their 1st American visit.

1964-02-07 (6 photos)

The Beatles' 1st American press conference. Cut that crap out!

1964-02-10 (2 photos)

CBS News and the Associated Press interview the Beatles.

1964-02-11 (1 photo)

Carroll James interviews the Beatles before their 1st American concert.

1964-02-11 (4 photos)

The Beatles greet the press from the stage at Washington Coliseum.

1964-02-11 (1 photo)

CBS-TV interviews the Beatles onstage at Washington Coliseum.

1964-02-11 (1 photo)

John Lennon is interviewed just after the Beatles' first American concert.

1964-02-12 (1 photo)

Ed Rudy interviews the Beatles for Radio Pulsebeat News.

1964-02-22 (2 photos)

Pathe News and BBC-TV interview the Beatles upon their return home.


George Harrison interviews all three fellow Beatles.


Bernice Lumb interviews the Beatles during the filming of their first movie.

1964-04-15 (1 photo)

David Frost interviews Paul McCartney in London.


Gene Loving interviews John Lennon and Ringo Starr at the NME concert.

1964-06-05 (8 photos)

Beatles' Schiphol Airport press conference and Doelen Hotel interview.

1964-06-08 (3 photos)

The Beatles' press conference at the President Hotel. Correct!

1964-06-10 (1 photo)

Bob Rogers chats with John Lennon, George Harrison and Paul McCartney.

1964-06-11 (3 photos)

The Beatles' 1st Australian press conference at the Sydney Sheraton... cobber.

1964-06-12 (4 photos)

Beatles Adelaide press conference at the South Australia Hotel.

1964-06-14 (3 photos)

Interview with Ringo and Brian Epstein, downunder at Sydney Airport.

1964-06-14 (2 photos)

A FIVE Beatle press conference and interview at the Southern Cross Hotel.

1964-07-00 (1 photo)

Open-end Interview to promote the Beatles' 1st feature film.

1964-07-10 (2 photos)

Gerald Harrison interviews the Beatles upon their triumphant hometown return.

1964-08-18 (4 photos)

The Beatles' press conference at Los Angeles International Airport.

1964-08-18 (2 photos)

Frisco meets up with the Beatles at the Hilton.

1964-08-21 (3 photos)

The Beatles' backstage press conference at Seattle Coliseum.

1964-08-22 (3 photos)

The Beatles hold a deloused press conference at Empire Stadium.

1964-08-23 (5 photos)

Beatles press conference at the Cinnamon Cinder nightclub.

1964-08-26 (5 photos)

The Beatles' press conference and interviews at Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

1964-08-28 (2 photos)

The Beatles chat up the press at the Delmonico Hotel.

1964-09-03 (2 photos)

Press conference at Indiana State Fairgrounds, with Ringo in high-speed chase.

1964-09-05 (1 photo)

The Beatles hook up with Chicago reporters at the Stockyards Inn.

1964-09-06 (5 photos)

Beatles press conference backstage at Olympia Stadium.

1964-09-08 (6 photos)

The Beatles' press conference and interview at the Montreal Forum

1964-09-11 (5 photos)

Beatles press conference and interview at the Gator Bowl.

1964-09-12 (5 photos)

The Beatles' press conference at the Madison Hotel, crashers and all.

1964-09-13 (1 photo)

Larry Kane interviews John Lennon at the Civic Center.

1964-09-14 (1 photo)

The Beatles' press conference at Pittsburgh's Civic Arena.

1964-09-17 (9 photos)

Beatles press conference at the Hotel Muehlebach. Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey!

1964-09-18 (7 photos)

The Beatles are interviewed backstage at Dallas Memorial Auditorium.

1964-10-16 (3 photos)

ITV interviews the Beatles on General Election Day 1964.

1964-11-00 (1 photo)

George Harrison interviews George Harrison for this November issue.

1965-02-12 (2 photos)

Ringo and his wife Maureen talk with reporters the day after their wedding.

1965-02-00 (5 photos)

The Beatles are interviewed by Jean Shepard in Torquay.

1965-03-00 (1 photo)

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr record a comical chat for Beatles Book.


All four Beatles join Eamonn and his panel at ABC Studios in Teddington.


The Beatles are interviewed by New York radio personality Sandy Lesberg.

1965-05-11 (1 photo)

Buddy McGregor interviews the Beatles from the Help! movie set.

1965-05-00 (2 photos)

Open-end Interview to promote the Beatles' second feature film.

1965-06-12 (2 photos)

Beatles chat with ITV and British Calendar News at Twickenham Studios.


John Lennon interview about his second book "A Spaniard In The Works."

1965-06-18 (1 photo)

Additional John Lennon interview about his new book.

1965-08-13 (3 photos)

The Beatles' press conference at the Warwick Hotel, just before Shea Stadium.

1965-08-17 (2 photos)

Canadian Beatles press conference at Maple Leaf Gardens. Who is bootier?

1965-08-18 (1 photo)

The Beatles' press conference at Fulton County Stadium.


Larry Kane interviews the Beatles backstage at Comisky Park.

1965-08-21 (6 photos)

The Beatles' press conference at Metropolitan Stadium.

1965-08-28 (3 photos)

The press greet the Beatles at Balboa Stadium.

1965-08-28 (1 photo)

The Beatles hang out with Jerry G. Bishop.

1965-08-29 (3 photos)

The Beatles' "Help!" press conference at Capitol Records Tower.

1965-08-31 (3 photos)

Frisco reporters chat with the Beatles from the Cow Palace stage.

1965-09-14 (2 photos)

Ringo talks with the press following the birth of his first son, Zak.

1965-10-26 (2 photos)

The Beatles' press conference after receiving MBEs from the Queen.

1966-03-04 (3 photos)

The original interview that sparked the "More popular than Jesus" controversy.

1966-03-11 (1 photo)

"Lennon Talks" with NME's Chris Hutchins at a nice little caff in Soho.

1966-05-00 (1 photo)

John and Paul talk songwriting, with an early glimpse of Penny Lane.

1966-06-16 (1 photo)

Paul McCartney "speaks out" with Alan Smith of NME.

1966-06-23 (4 photos)

The Beatles are interviewed at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof.

1966-06-25 (5 photos)

The Beatles' press conference between shows at Gruga Halle.

1966-06-26 (6 photos)

Return of the Hamburg Beatles, with a press conference at Ernst Merck Halle.

1966-06-30 (4 photos)

The Beatles are briefly interviewed at the Tokyo Hilton.

1966-06-30 (4 photos)

The Beatles greet the Tokyo press the afternoon of their first concert.

1966-07-08 (4 photos)

ITV chats with the Beatles about their mistreatment in Manila.

1966-08-11 (5 photos)

The Beatles greet the press at the Astor Towers Hotel.

1966-08-11 (3 photos)

The Beatles hold an additional press conference at Astor Towers.

1966-08-15 (5 photos)

Beatles press conference backstage at D.C. Stadium.

1966-08-17 (4 photos)

The Beatles' backstage press conference at Maple Leaf Gardens.

1966-08-19 (4 photos)

ITV interviews the Beatles backstage at Mid-South Coliseum.

1966-08-22 (7 photos)

The Beatles answer questions from teenagers at this special fans-only event.

1966-08-22 (4 photos)

The four Beatles face the New York press at the Warwick Hotel.

1966-08-24 (11 photos)

The Beatles' "Revolver" press conference at the Capitol Records Tower.

1966-08-25 (2 photos)

The Beatles hang out with the press backstage at Seattle Coliseum.

1966-09-00 (2 photos)

John Lennon shares random thoughts with the Beatles' official fan mag.

1966-10-00 (1 photo)

George Harrison chats with Beatles Book in an interview from their 1966 tour.

1966-10-29 (3 photos)

Fred Robbins interviews John Lennon from the set of his new film.

1966-11-00 (1 photo)

Paul McCartney discusses songwriting and the Revolver album.

1966-12-00 (2 photos)

A Beatles fan-zine interview with Ringo Starr, the Surrey homebody.

1966-12-13 (10 photos)

Behind the scenes with John Lennon on the "How I Won The War" film set.

1966-12-20 (4 photos)

Brief interviews with each of the Beatles at EMI's Abbey Road studios.

1967-01-18 (1 photo)

Granada-TV interviews Paul about the new attitudes of the late-1960's.


Brian Matthew chats with John and Paul about the Beatles' upcoming album.


John and Paul are presented songwriting awards for the year 1966.

1967-05-00 (1 photo)

Paul McCartney describes the transition from touring to Pepper.

1967-05-19 (10 photos)

NME chats with each Beatle at a dinner party in Brian Epstein's home.

1967-05-19 (6 photos)

Kenny Everett interviews the Beatles at Brian Epstein's flat about the forthcoming Sgt. Pepper LP.

1967-06-19 (1 photo)

ITV talks controversy with Paul in his garden.

1967-08-27 (1 photo)

John, George and Ringo talk with the press about the death of Brian Epstein.

1967-09-09 (1 photo)

Paul discusses spiritualism and the Beatles' creative vantage point.

1967-09-13 (2 photos)

Miranda Ward interviews George during filming for Magical Mystery Tour.

1967-10-09 (1 photo)

A big jelly interview entitled, "What I Believe - by Beatle John"

1967-11-25 (1 photo)

John, Paul and Ringo chat during post-production on Magical Mystery Tour.


David Frost talks with Paul after the initial telecast of the Beatles' new film.

1968-03-26 (1 photo)

Richard Whitmore, Paul McCartney, Jane Asher and a Ukelele?

1968-05-14 (7 photos)

John and Paul unveil their hopes and dreams for Apple.

1968-05-14 (1 photo)

The two Beatles get serious with Mitchell Krause.

1968-05-14 (10 photos)

John and Paul rap with Joe, Ed and Tellulah. Where's Johnny?

1968-05-23 (2 photos)

Paul is briefly interviewed by filmmaker Tony Palmer.


Kenny Everett interviews John, and chats with all four Beatles before it's done.

1968-06-06 (4 photos)

John Lennon and Victor Spinetti discuss the new play based on John's books.

1968-09-21 (1 photo)

Interview with Alan Smith entitled, "George Harrison is a Rocker Again!"

1968-11-17 (5 photos)

George pops in to wish Tom and Dick well in their censorship battles.


Paul discusses tracks from the Beatles' White Album, two days before its release.

1968-11-23 (1 photo)

John chats with Jonathan Colt, with his virgin bum on the front.


David Wigg interviews Ringo in the backseat of a Mercedes.

1969-03-12 (1 photo)

Paul and Linda chat with ITV following their Ritzy wedding reception.

1969-03-13 (2 photos)

NME's Nick Logan visits Ringo on the film set in Surrey.

1969-03-31 (2 photos)

John and Yoko hold a press conference from inside of a bag.

1969-05-03 (1 photo)

Interview with John entitled, "Beatles Music Straightforward On Next Album"

1969-05-08 (1 photo)

David Wigg interviews John and Yoko at Apple offices in London.

1969-09-19 (1 photo)

David Wigg interviews Paul from George's chair at the Apple offices.

1969-09-20 (2 photos)

Interview with John entitled, "I've Formed A New Group!"


David Wigg interviews George Harrison at Beatles headquarters.

1969-11-07 (2 photos)

Paul's statements from Life's cover feature about the rumors of his death.

1969-12-02 (1 photo)

Desmond Morris interviews John at his Tittenhurst estate.

1969-12-10 (1 photo)

Tony Bilbow interviews Ringo in a rowboat, and makes the Beatle row.

1969-12-13 (2 photos)

Interview with John entitled, "Beatles Are On The Brink Of Splitting"


Marshall McLuhan asks the Lennons about the "War Is Over" campaign.

1970-04-10 (2 photos)

Paul tells all about his break with the Beatles in a press release accompanying his first solo LP.


Howard Smith asks George if there is a future for the Beatles.

1970-08-00 (3 photos)

Richard Robinson interviews John and Yoko at Apple in London.

1971-01-21 (4 photos)

One of John's more political interviews, with Tariq Ali and Robin Blackburn.

1971-04-16 (1 photo)

Interview with Paul entitled "The Ex-Beatle Tells His Story"

1971-09-05 (4 photos)

A lost John Lennon interview that almost never saw the light of day.

1971-10-02 (1 photo)

A Lennon interview with the teaser, "It's terrible how they treat me!"

1971-11-20 (5 photos)

A very public argument between the two ex-Beatles, in the pages of MM.

1972-02-00 (1 photo)

John and Yoko interview, "I don't like all this dribblin' pop-opera jazz."

1975-06-00 (1 photo)

Pete Hamill interviews John in the article, "Long Night's Journey Into Day"

1975-12-00 (1 photo)

Lisa Robinson talks with John about Beatles, Klein, and deportation.

1977-02-00 (1 photo)

George on the Beatles, Patty & Eric Clapton, and writing with Dylan.


An entertaining Ringo mini-autobiography. From child to Beatles to solo.

1980-09-29 (1 photo)

John Lennon talks with Barbara Graustark in his last precious months.

1980-09-00 (3 photos)

Interviewed in September, this issue was on newsstands the night of John's death. Includes Lennon on the Beatles, song-by-song.

1980-12-05 (1 photo)

Interviewed three days before his death, this issue was released posthumously.

1982-04-00 (1 photo)

Paul McCartney on Denny Laine, Elvis Costello, and John's death

1982-05-03 (2 photos)

Paul discusses the Tug Of War LP, and his memories of John Lennon.

1984-12-00 (3 photos)

Paul talks about John Lennon, Wings, and the Beatles song-by-song.