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Gwalior is one of the most popular cities in Madhya Pradesh and has some great places to visit. the mighty Gwalior fort is its most precious jewel. The Scindia museum and the Saas Bahu temple are popular among tourists.

You can also visit the Kala Vithika which is a famous museum here. History lovers must not miss Pawaya, which finds a mention in several classic texts as an ancient city. Check out the places to visit in Gwalior.

  • Padmavati Pawaya was an ancient city mentioned in several classic Sanskrit texts. Pawaya is identified with ancient Padmavati by many scholars. Bhavabhuti describes the city with tall mansions…

  • Kala Vithika is a popular museum in Gwalior. It is known for ancient paintings, instruments, and portraits displaying the rich history and culture of Madhya Pradesh. The museums…

  • The Scindia Museum is part of the Jai Vilas Palace, built by Maharaja Jayajirao in 1874 using prisoners from the Gwalior fort. The convicts were then rewarded with…

  • Situated on a sandstone hill, it has been the administrative headquarters of the Tomars and witness to the rule of several dynasties. During the Revolt of 1857, it…

  • Saas or Sas Bahu Temple or Sahastrabahu Temple is located to the east of Gwalior fort. This temple was built in 1092 by King Mahipala of the Kachchhapaghata…

  • Jai Vilas Mahal was established in 1874 by Jayajirao Scindia, the Maharaja of Gwalior, and it is still the residence of his descendants. The palace has 400 rooms,…

  • A town of strategic importance in medieval times, Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh is known for its handloom saris. Set amidst the Vindhyachal range, Chanderi in Ashok Nagar district abounds with…

  • Spread over an area of 355 sq km, Madhav National Park is located in Shivpuri district in Madhya Pradesh. The park is popular for its monuments associated with the Gwalior state as well as its…


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