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Stand Up!

Jul 23, 2010

A scary new study was published online yesterday in theAmerican Journal of Epidemiology.The findings: The more time you spend sitting, the more apt you are to die at an earlier age (usually from heart disease or sometimes cancer). This particular study just looked at leisure time, but I can't imagine that working at a computer all day (which is what I do!) would help matters.

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So should I quit my job and become a construction worker? Probably not. (For starters, I'd be terrible at construction.) But there is something we all can do: move more. During a (sedentary) work day, that might mean walking down the hall to talk to a colleague instead of just dashing off an email. Walk a few blocks at lunchtime, even if you brought a sandwich from home. If you take a bus or train to work, get off a few stops early and let your feet take you the rest of the way. Walk around—or at least stand up—when you're talking on the phone. At home, watch a little less TV so you can spend some time exercising (or even just cleaning up around the house, which burns calories, too).

Video: Bollywood Ek Dhokha Hai - Stand Up Comedy by Amit Tandon

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