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(73038) • Walnut Creek, California 16h

I just got a non-verbal compliment. I went to the local Mobil station to get some beer and Gatorade, and the guy behind the counter immediately opened up the bullet-proof glass window upon seeing me. We chatted, as we always do,...



gun violence



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andria perry (60182) • Anniston, Alabama 16h

After cleaning all day and walking and ....and... I took a long hot bath and went out for Chinese food. It was all about Shrimp. Whatever the name of it is cooked with onions, the cold spicy shrimp, a few noodles,mushrooms and...

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(135227) • Bunbury, Australia 10h

Camel rides are commonly on offer at the various fetes and agricultural shows that occur in Western Australia. Camels were imported from the Middle East during the early days of our settlement and played a huge role in the...

western australia


middle east

agricultural show

camel ride

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(1478) • United States 22h

I have been taking more sunrise photos lately since I seem to be catching them easier than sunsets. So that made me wonder which does everyone prefer: sunsets or sunrises? This photo was taken one morning when taking my son...






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(35736) • United States 6h

It looks like a beautiful day here this morning. The sun is shining, the skies are blue but it's barely above freezing right now. It won't get any higher than the mid 50's F but I'm fine with that. I prefer cold over hot and humid...

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(60182) • Anniston, Alabama 20h

I know I said I needed to get the office closet cleaned today but I got started on the home canned stockpile and I rearranged a bedroom, vacuumed the floor and organized the canned food. Once again I have to much jelly, seems I...

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(42921) • El Paso, Texas 16h

Yep, almost I said that because right now I am reading and writing with my head at a tilt to my left, I have a bubble in my left eye and...

almost back

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(51905) • Hong Kong 19h

Who don't want to be always lucky? I think everyone of us wants to have some good luck in life. That's maybe the reason why we say "good luck" to someone who is about to do some undertakings. I...

bamboo plants





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(140178) • United States 6h

I am going to buy some today since I am learning to cook different dishes. I am hoping that the olive oil is priced better at Aldi as well. I am looking to buy Chicken breast to make a few meals. I don't like...

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(64235) • Los Angeles, California 5h

The latest episode of “Z Nation” picked a bit thanks to no speeches and quite a lot of zombie action. Storylines did not really progress but it is about the makeup and zombie threats and tight spots so the show went by fast....


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(19293) 9h

So there's this caravan of 'refugees' or whatever walking north through Mexico heading for the USA. They're a month away from the border. They're walking. And our Commander-In-Tweet Lord J Dampnut already has the army at...

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(342) • Sidoarjo, Indonesia 9h

hi mylot today is a very bright day in my place maybe I will walk a bit with my sister for now ..   we will walk on the edge of rice fields ... indeed we live in a village not far from the city, but in my opinion living in the...

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(46937) • United States 6h

Buenos Dias everyone! I slept like the dead last night after a long day of travel and then several mojitos at The Money Bar. (also no cats jumping in and out of the bed all night) I just woke up at 7:45 am and heard a few bars...

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(1478) • United States 14h

I know I need to get back to eating low carb....but this is what I ate today. Meal #1- was what is in the photo. Chicken strips and waffle fries from a local restaurant called "Sophie's Chatterbox". The food was pretty good,...


what i eat in a day



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(108) 12h

Why do other mylotters love to insult directly or indirectly those people whose discussions are not appealing to them? They always expect someone to write anything serious or deep or what? Hey you may write what you want! But...

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(14819) • Pikeville, North Carolina 16h

The mail delivery person delivered a very special package to me today. It came in a padded envelope and was addressed to my business. Yes, it was the proof copy of the paperback version of my seventh book, STORM DAMAGE. My missus...

special package

proof copy

new book

number 7

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(20595) • Philippines 18h

During his homily at mass this morning, the priest asked the congregation if anyone remembered the popular book before the advent of Facebook. There was silence and, after a while,he heard someone in a low voice say "Friendster"....

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(14819) • Pikeville, North Carolina 23h

The other day Son2 sent me a copy of an email he'd received from the financial aid office of the school where he's doing his graduate studies. The letter indicated, in general terms, that, because he was from one of the counties...

legal vs moral

can vs should

right vs wrong

ethics vs morals

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(60182) • Anniston, Alabama 2h

I can say that some mornings its the little things that makes my day. I can read a few mylot discussions and a big smile comes on my face, even the comments make me smile. Thank you to the mylot members. Good Sunday Morning.

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(40318) • United States 5h

What can one do for a drug addict family member who won't get help ? My mother in law allowed her almost 30 year old grandson to live on and off with her for the past couple years. It was a bad situation - he...

drug addict


drastic measures

sad situation

the guy needs help

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