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Fast Trim will provide you to simply trim your video files in one single operation ,just select your video file provide us it start time and end time and here we go your video will be clipped and saved

1. Click on Fast Trim button on main page
2. Select video file from file explorer

3.  Just seek slider for video start time and end time , live preview will be shown of trimmed video

4. Click on Save Button for saving the trimmed video in the storage device just select your location where you want to save the video

Fast trim will in one simple step will trimmed and saved your video,,,,

And Hey....just wait the fun does not end here ,its the starting ,you can even apply more video editing features to your video by clicking on forward button we will carry your trimmed video forward to the journey of more video editing features.
[Note :- You can just simply select start time and end time and can click on forward button without clicking on save button, we will carry your trimmed video further ]

For seeing the video editing features on forward button click on below panel master video editor page.
We have build single editing page for various video operation name as master video editor page

Master video editor page is a single landing video editing page across all our video editing features its acts as an plugin just to provide flexibility and ease of access to provide user with more powerful video editing experiences.

We have provided following feature:-

1. ADD Clip
2. Square Video
3. Clip Volume
4. Filters
5. Replay/Refresh
6. No Ads - Remove Advertising

1.Add Clip

Add clip allows you to add additional video files with your existing video you have selected ,you can simply say it provide you flexibility to merge various videos with your existing video

  • Click on Add Clip File, Explorer will open and select video file you are interesting to add in composition with your video selected earlier
  • You we will be redirected to the trim page which will provide you the flexibility to even trim your selected video
  • Click on Forward Icon on Top bar and you will be redirected to master video page with your clip added in composition
  • we will be able to see our added clip in composition and various clip in composition when we see other editing option

2.Square Video

Square Video or No Crop Video is a beautiful video effect built in video editor this effect will make your video compatible for posting for various social platform such as Instagram,FaceBook,WhatsApp and others various platforms.

  • Click on Square video option and you will observe that square video effect is applied, you can see beautiful square video effect on your video and also various other editing option in bottom bar to make your video social viral element
  • Click on Colour tray icon a color picker will appear on screen simply select any colour that you wish to set your video background it will replace the blur video in background with your selected colour ,after selecting colour in colour picker click on replay/refresh button to apply the selected colour as background
  • You can also choose custom backgrounds provided in list to apply your video background ,just select background from list of background and click on replay/refresh for applying


Apply Different Video Filters such as lomo ,sepia,grayscale,negative,miiror effects on your video

  • Click on Filter icon you will be redirected to filter page where you can see all the filters in the list view with effects for applying simply click on the effect for applying it on video

  • Select the clip from the list of clips and then select effect from the list of effects, then the selected effect will apply on the clip that you selected

  • The Clips can be added from add click button the extra added clips will be added in composition and will show in the list of added clips
  • For adding extra video clip in your composition simply click on + add symbol in bottom bar, select video from file explorer the selected video will be added in the composition and will be shown in the list of videos ,you can select any clip and apply effect on it

  • Click on Accept button for applying effect you have applied in filter page and after clicking accept you will be redirected to master video page

4.Clip Volume

Clip Volume allows you to change the volume of the clips of individual video clip in the composition

  • Click on clip volume you will observe that the list of videos in the composition will appear

  • Every Video Clip in list of videos have two option or button i.e one of volume and of cancel to remove the clip from composition, click on volume button to change the volume of that particular clip

5.Save Video

  • For Saving the video click on save button on topbar filexplorer will appear ,select the output folder for saving the video, Wait till the processing complete

Photo SlideShow allows you to create wonderful and memoriable photo story from your photos and by adding our provided musical track on by choosing your song from your song library ,,Share your photo slideshow or photo story with your friends,family and loved ones

1.Click on photo slideshow button on main page ,file explorer will open from that select multiple images that you want to include in your slideshow... it might take few seconds to load up your images so please patience.

2. Screen will appear with all your selected photo in a list and we will create a preview of your photo to create a photo slideshow

3. There are two option in every photo in a list on top two corner one is for changing the time slice of each photo appearing in a slideshow and second is to remove the photo from the slideshow

4. You can add a background music to your slideshow by adding music .mp3 file from your gallery ,click on background music on top appbar and filexplorer will open,select music file from your storage device

5. Click on gallery top appbar button to add more photos in your photo slideshow ,the newly selected photo will be added in the current list of photos

6.Click on Save button for rendering your photo slideshow to your storage devie.

7.For Further video editing click on forward button we will take to your our master video editing page,for this section check our master video page description panel.

Fast Video and Photo Merge will allow you to merge your videos with your photos ,it is just like you create slideshow with your photos or movie by selecting multiple photos ,with this module you will be able to combine your videos with photos ,it will be useful in following ways

  • Creating a video with title page,you can add a title page in your youtube video or for any other social network
  • Click on fast video and photo button on main page and select the photo and video you want to merge

Advance Trim will make your trimming capabilities to next level for the next level trimming features, trim your videos in multiple part on the fly and combine and edit them.

1.Click on file explorer and select video you want to trim.
2.Seek the slider and set start time and end time of video and click on add button the trimmed video will be added to the list of videos which are trimmed.
3.You can again seek the slider and set start time and end time of video and can again click on add button you can do this n number times of with n number of videos you will select.
4.For selecting other video click on play add button in right middle corner and you will again repeat the procedure of trimming the video and add in list of videos in trimmed video list

5.We have provided with you a bird view to see the preview of trimmed video merge view in a pop up window which will provide you idea how is your composition is looking and going

6.Click on save button to save your composition and select the output folder where your video will be saved
7.Click on forward button to apply more video editing features to your video for the description check out master video page panel .

Add Music To Videos will provide you functionality for adding music into your videos ,it provide you flexibility to change the background track of your videos or simply add an musical track to your video ,,it will make your process ease for adding track to your video as we automatically loop your selected track to your whole video length which will ease your work and provide you ease for uploading video to youtube and other social platforms.

1.Click on Add Music Button select file from file explorer
2.On Video Preview page select background music from top bar
3.Your selected audio will be synchronized on your video
4.You can directly save it by clicking on save button.