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When your studio is in need of a modern photography price list template, you will search the internet to find the most suitable deals. Take a look at these examples and you are bound to find an offer that will match your studio objectives.


With a 13 by 18 inch template like this one, you can attract new customers all year round. The layout is modern and bold, everything you need to make your service shine through the river of rivals. The template will be sent as a layered PSD file, containing files for the front and back side of the template. You can edit its contents completely in Photoshop CC, CS+ and the Elements. Photos will not be included in the download, so get yours ready for uploading.

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Your clients won’t mind the high fees when they read them on this pricing list, because they will know they are getting a premium professional service that is worth every penny. You can use Photoshop CC, CS+ and the Elements to make the necessary edits to this template, like adding your own photos and listing the prices and fees. The template comes in two versions, both with front and back layout designed, or enough room for you to list down all the info and service details.


Your fee cards and flyers need to be eye catching and simple, but full of information. In this template you can add all your prices and fees, in an engaging and charming way. The files sent upon purchase are in PSD format, compatible with Photoshop CC, CS+ and Elements. The text is completely editable, and the Sleeklens team listed the fonts you can use to attract more customers your way. No photos will be sent to you in this offer, so you can personalize the files with your own work.


Delicate typeface combined with a clear, photo marketing intended layout, this template can be a lifelong companion for professional portrait photographers dedicated to covering important events as graduation days, sweet 16 celebrations and much more. Easy to edit, Sleeklens provides information of the fonts used to craft this template, but also allows us to edit the entire layout to match our best interests.


Sometimes, all our photography studio needs is a proper way to showcase the quality of the work we do; and is there a better bet than designing a stunning photography price list?

For some people, the sole idea represents a challenge of its own due not having enough knowledge or skills as a graphic designer. Fortunately for us, there are brands like Sleeklens who thought about what photographers really need to succeed in this highly competitive industry, thus here we meet a beautiful, yet simple, price list template for setting your path to professional success.


Those tender moments that can be framed for a lifetime! The joy of parenthood. And is there a better way to keep a memory of such unique moments than with photographs?

If your aim is to promote your photography business, then you are meeting the right companion. This price list template for Adobe Photoshop is specially crafted with the ideal of serving the purposes of newborn photographers. Cute pastel tones, floral figures, plus a clear layout for providing your fees to potential customers.


Showcase the quality of your work with the help of this coastal-themed Price List Template for Photoshop! A cool breeze can be felt while taking a look at the color scheme chosen for this card, not to mention the delicate typefaces (not included) used to craft the layout.


Ideal, glittery decorated, price list template for Adobe Photoshop to meet up the expectations of fancy photographers who are looking for the best way to promote their businesses. With a classy black & white layout, featuring delicate typefaces plus pearlescent pink motives, surely Sleeklens have outdone themselves in defining how a professional photographer can transform their work into an art.

Wedding Photographer Pricing Guide

Every needs a deal like this one. You will receive a zipped folder upon purchase, which you can edit in Photoshop CS4+. A link to downloadable fonts will be sent to you with the template as well but the photos from the displayed guide will not be included. You can easily add your own via clipping masks.

NM-Design-studio – PG01

Spread the good news about your new prices, packages and sales with this pricing sheet template. If you don’t know how to work with Photoshop, the seller will provide you with a guide with basic instructions. The template is for a 5×7 sheet and it will be sent in PSD files editable in Photoshop.

Gorgeous Horizons

Your studio brand can now have a stylish and elegant pricing guide. This template will allow you to list down your studio fees and best photos in the most simple and eye catching way. All files will be in PSD formats, completely layered and organized. You should have no problems editing the contents with just the basic understanding of Photoshop. The template is for 8.5×11 pricing sheet and you can use the free fonts sent to you upon download.

Photography Pricing Sheet-V137

Your pricing guides can now get a fresh new look. This template too, is for 8.5×11 inches, plus bleeds. You can work on the template in Photoshop CS6 and use two different fonts. The photos in the displayed guide will not be in the download, so have yours ready for inserting.


This instantly downloadable template will make any photographer happy. It will be customizable in Photoshop CS and Elements 6, and the offer will get you the basic instructions as well. It was designed for printing at Miller’s or WHCC, but with slight adjustments, you can print it out locally or at home.

Innocent Face

Just because you use the pricing sheet template to talk business with your clients, it doesn’t mean it has to be dull and boring. You can have this template instantly on your computer, in the form of a layered PSD file. The template is compatible with Photoshop CS and Elements. The wood background is not a part of the offer, and you will only get the pricing sheet.

Adorable Gaze

Templates like this one are designed in a way that they not only list down the prices for your services but also help advertise your best photography work. The background and images in the display will not be sent to you, so you will have the opportunity to insert your best images for that personal touch and display.

Simple Beauty – PSD

This is a convenient template you can use as a with your pricing fees. The design is plain and simple and you can edit the content in minutes. You will need to have a working version of Photoshop CS or Elements to make edits. You can change the colours and use the fonts provided by the seller.

Price Sheet Template PSD

This is yet another simple design for a pricing sheet template. This one comes as 8.5×11 inch sheet where you can insert your fees and prices using the fonts the seller provides. You will receive a PSD file which you can edit in Photoshop CS1+. The brick background is not included in the offer.

Wedding Photographer Pricing Guide

It will be easy to attract new clients with this pricing sheet template. You can edit it in Photoshop a bit, to add your fees, special offers, add your photos and have it printed out. The template is editable in CS3 or higher. It is a standard print size of 5×7, at 300 DPI.


You can share this pricing guide with your clients immediately after you edit the contents with your pricing details. You will have two pages at your disposal on which you can try out different fonts and photos, using Photoshop CS2 or higher. The template can be edited for as many times as you wish.

Wedding Pricing Guide Set

This easily customizable template will be in your computer minutes after you order. The content sent is for three 8.5×11 pricing sheets. You can customize it in Photoshop CS or later, and Elements. The template will consist of layered files which you can edit separately and change fonts and photos in a few clicks.

Fantastic Style-V136

All brides will marvel at your level of professionalism and stop at your to check out the pricing options if you have this price sheet to hand out.
You can choose among the different fonts suggested in the description and customize the layers with a personalized message.

Alluring Decor

You only need a working version of Photoshop to edit this template. It is designed with WHCC and Miller’s specifications but can be adjusted for printing in other labs as well. The template is for 8.5×11 inch sheet and it’s made of customizable PSD files and instructions are included with the download too.

Charming – PSD Template

This template is printable as an 8.5×11 inch price guide you can use for different photography services or sessions. You will receive layered PSD files which you can edit in Adobe CS3+ or Elements. The fonts you can use are included in the offer. You will not receive the wood background because it’s only for display purposes.

Silky Feel

Your pricing guides need to be simple to help them draw attention to your work. This template will help you achieve that effect since it is elegant and clean cut. You will need to have some basic to make edits, and instructions will be sent to you with your download. The template is for a 5×7 inch fees guide, and all elements are customizable, except the wreath.

Stillbrookdesigns | Cute Memories

This photography pricing list template will be downloaded as layered PSD files you can edit in Photoshop CS1+. The fonts will be included in your download and you can use your own images for the background since the ones you see won’t be included in the download package.

Magical Blend

This was designed for printing at Miller’s Lab but with slight adjustments, you can print it out in your local printing lab as well. The download will get you 15×5 inch sheet which turns into a 5×5 inch price guide when folded. All files are layered and organized, and you can edit photos, colours and text with just the basic know-how in Adobe Photoshop.


You will need a working version of Photoshop CS2 or higher to edit this template. The template is for a two-fold guide of 8.5×11 inches when unfolded. The fonts at your disposal are in the product description, where you will also find out that the seller can also create a special custom design for you.

Innocence  No.2

This offer features a front and back , where you can display your best photo on the front and add your pricing details on the other. It will be printable as an 8.5×11 guide for your photography fees, which you can customize in Photoshop CS3 or newer versions. Two fonts can be used, and photos are placed via Smart Objects.

Photography Fee Mastery Template

Sometimes you may not be able to decide on the one photo that will feature in your pricing guides, which is why we included this template. You can add several photos you’ve shot in one page and use standard fonts to fill in the other page with your prices. Instructions will be included in the download but you should have a working Adobe Photoshop CS or higher to make edits.

Bulls-eye Sell Sheet

This is another flexible offer for a photography pricing list template which you can use for many different photography projects, including mini sessions and portraits. You can edit it in any version of Photoshop after and including CS1. Well organized and layered, you can customize the contents in minutes and have it printed out immediately.

Subtle Balance

This is a fully layered template you can easily customize with your own studio charges and photos. The layers are clearly marked and named so you can edit them in any version of Photoshop after and including CS1. You will receive three PSD files at 300 DPI, ready for printing.

Sanguine Echo

This nifty 3.74″ x 8.27″ double-sided design will be in your computer the minute you order it. You can customize all its contents using Photoshop CS or later and Elements. You may need a working knowledge of Photoshop programs to make edits but the files will be sent layered and well organized for easy customization.

The Peacock

In case you were looking for several templates in a single package offer, this deal might catch your attention. You will receive three templates you can use as price guides, flyers or mini session cards. They will be 8.5×11 inches big, fully customizable files, where you can add your own wording, photos and change the colours of different elements.

Bitter Sweet Design Bouquet – Lovely

This is another elegant photography template best suitable for listing fees for wedding photography sessions and related photo shootings. Using any version of Photoshop CS, you can change the colours, text and photos in minutes and have your catalogue printed out at WHCC or Miller’s Lab.

Pricing Guide Trifold Template

You can use this template indefinitely, because it’s simple to customize and print ready. The seller will send you fully customizable PSD files, you can edit in Photoshop CS or later and Photoshop Elements. Free fonts and instructional guides will also be in your download, and it’s best when printed out at Miller’s Lab or WHCC.

Photography trifold pricing guide

You will have no problems editing this template also, even if you are not an expert in Photoshop. You will need to have Photoshop CS3 or newer versions to customize its contents. You will see that the files are organized and layered and photos can easily be inserted using the Smart Objects option. The download includes 2 PSD files for a trifold, 15×5 inch template or 5×5 when folded.

Professional Photographer Service & Cost Guide

If you are looking for a , you can take a look at this deal. The seller will send you two PSD files you can edit in any version after and including Photoshop CS2. The files will be layered and you can easily upload your photos and edit the text sections. If you don’t know how to edit the template or don’t own the required Photoshop software, the seller can make a custom order for you.

Pricing Guide Template

This is also another very modern design you can use for years to come since it’s simple and timeless. Compatible with Photoshop CS+ and Elements, you can easily make edits and customize the contents. You can use it for many years since the slightest change in fonts, colours and photos will make your price list look brand new. The template is for an 8.5×11 inch pricing guide and is printable at Miller’s Lab or WHCC.

Everything about a wedding should be about elegance and sophistication. You cannot have any of the elements in your wedding looking just bland. This is why we bring you some of the best wedding templates so that when it’s time to create those wedding pricing lists, they won’t only look awesome but they also blend with the overall look of the rest of the wedding elements. Below you will find wedding photography templates that are editable using Adobe photoshop. We also have made sure to not only go with the templates that look best but those that are also very easy to customize so that you do not have any stress or hard time when working with the chosen temples. So without further ado, have a look at these templates.

Wedding Photography Menu

This wedding photgraphy guide list template comes in form of a brochure that provides a lot more content and information than just the cost. You will find areas where you can enter your phone number through which your potential clients can reach you as well as areas to display some of your images. The one thing that we truly love about this template is the fonts. They blend so well together and they are so feminine and delicious. This template is a tri-fold, 5 by 5 template and is totally editable using Photoshop.


This is a really well organized template that gives you a lot of space to add all the pricing information you need to add. The colours work really well and the template is large enough so you can use it to create something amazing. The dimensions of this template are 8.5 by 11 inches, meaning that it will be bigger than some of the other templates on this list. The template is fully editable and comes with instructions.

Irresistible Lure

This is a truly organized wedding pricing list template! The first page allows you to add any custom image that you like and the effects applied to that front page do look awesome. In addition to that, you get a whole page on which you can add all the information you need to send out. The are well chosen and large enough so as to display the message in a readable manner without straining. The package comes with two psd files, (front and back) which are layered and organized to give you a very easy time when working with the template.

Simply Pretty

The first word that comes to mind when I see this template is exquisite. Everything about this card comes together beautifully to give you a really beautiful template. And the best part is that this wedding pricing list is fully customizable so that you are able to add images and change all the text that you wish to change. The elements are immaculately placed and well spaced so you are not going to have any legibility issues with this template.


This is a two-page pricing template that places an emphasis on images. At the front you will find ‘generous real estate’ for you to use as many images that you have to showcase your work. This wedding pricing list photoshop template therefore doubles as a portfolio. At the back, you will find the area to add your text and pricing guide. As with most other templates on this list, the fonts are feminine and soft enough so as to give that wedding look and feel. All the files are fully layered and customized for your peace of mind.


These digital make up a set of wedding pricing list templates. In this pack, you will find three well-done PSD files that will make it a breeze to create your wedding pricing list. On the first and last pages, images have been added to ensure that the templates look much better. In addition, the accents that have been added to all of the pages make this template set really and truly beautiful. The one thing that we like is that it gives you lots of space to add your own images and thus will act as a portfolio to showcase some of your past work for marketing purposes.

Trifold Souvenir

This is not really meant for weddings alone but a template that can be used for any photography style. That said, the template works really well as a wedding pricing list template. This is because it follows the common theme allowing you to use the right images, fonts and colours to create that feminine look and feel that is synonymous with all wedding accents and templates. This is also a photoshop template thus guaranteeing an easy editing time as you create some amazing pricing lists.

Wedding Photographer Service List

If you are looking for a no-frills, no-nonsense marketing template, this is it. This wedding pricing list template gets right to the point by allowing you to add all your text at the front of the card, granted, it does not look as good as some of the other items on this list but it does get the job done. In addition to being very straight forward, it allows you to add all your text at the front and the back and also leaves some space for you to add your images. The fonts are well chosen and overall, this is a very solid pricing list template.

Feminine Touch

This is an awesome digital pricing guide for .It is well designed and it puts the prices and items right in front of you so that you can see all the information you need to see in a glance. In addition, the designer nailed the colours as well as the fonts thus giving the template a very functional and feminine edge. We love the addition of a transparent background meaning that whatever image you add will still be seen somewhat at the front.

Sassy Feel

This is yet another wedding pricing list template that is in the shape and form of a tri-fold template. With this template, you have an acre of space you need to add all of the information that you want to send out. Apart from giving you space to add all your contact details and photographs at the front, you also get lots of space at the back to add the pricing particulars. You also get a few areas to add your images at the back and front for a complete look. The minimal accents and the clever use of colours are two things which have endeared us to this template.


From the word go, you can guess that we are excited about this pricing photoshop template. The use of colour, fonts and clever placement of images has us going for this one as our number one choice for the best photography price list template. The template is really simple but it is so well designed that you just have to stop and have a second look. It is also so minimalistic that it conveys the message it needs to without bringing distractions at all.

Eden Feel

This is another template that is not strictly a list template but can be edited to fit almost any photography style. That said, it is well designed and so easy to edit, you will be having some pretty wedding pricing lists in just a few minutes. The files are in PDS format, fully layered and absolutely customizable. The template is a 5 by 5 template at 300 dpi and basic instructions on how to create some amazing pricing guides has also been included.

Gorgeous Face

If you are looking for a wedding pricing guide that will let you add lots of details to your wedding guide, this is it. It has some generous space left for you to add detailed instructions and lots of text onto the final guide before going to the print. In addition, the clever arrangement of images at the front is created without rubbing it on your face. We love the colours and the fonts as well since they give this wedding pricing list template the capacity to contain all the essential details without looking too squeezed or overloaded.


This template will specially be convenient for those of us who are not proficiently skilled in Photoshop or other editing software. The template you’ll receive will be extremely easy to customize and a complete instructional guide will be sent with the template files. The pricing guide will be 8.5 by 11 inches and you can edit all colours, text sections and photos in the files. The photos in the preview images are just for display and they won’t be sent to you in the deal. If you don’t own a Photoshop program, you can also have this template customized for you.

Humming Bird

Decide on your wedding fees right now, because that’s all this template is missing. Of course, you should add your own photos, as to show your clients your expertise and professionalism. Once you make a purchase you will get the three templates instantly. The flyer template, session pricing packages template and a la carte product pricing template will all be sized 8.5×11 inches, with fully customizable content. You will need to have a working knowledge of Photoshop, although the instructions will be sent to you with the download.

Digital Pricing Guide

You can use a photography template like this one for the rest of your career since the layout can be altered and made new every time you need a new marketing tool. This flyer is 8.5 by 11 inches and is editable in Photoshop CS and the Elements. The template comes in layered PSD files and you can easily change the text, photos and text or charges to fit your current needs.

Sober Demeanor

Just wanting to be on top won’t be enough; you will have to do something about it. With a photography template like this one, you can easily stand out or better still, let your photos and fees stand out. You will need to own Photoshop CS4 or newer version to make the edits, and you can change colours, photos and text. The template will be sent in layered PSD files. The template has a dimension of 8.5×11 inches and A4 size, with a Microsoft Word file is included. Once you receive your download you will see a text file with the used fonts and where you can download them.

Wedding Photographer Magazine

This is another set that may come handy when you want to promote your studio and brand. There’s a flyer, a session pricing package template and an a la carte product pricing guide included in this offer, and you will have them all for an affordable charges. Wording will be included in all templates but you can edit the text layers in Photoshop CS or Photoshop Elements. The shop also offers a matching website, in case you are a start-up business and looking for modern templates.

Fresh Kiss

Finally, an awesome way to present your studio and services! Clients will stampede your studio once you hand out these flyers, thanks to their exquisite design and beauty. You will need to be familiar with layered designs and smart objects in order to explore the full capacity of this design. However, you’ll discover that you will see that it’s extremely easy to customize the content if you have the basic knowledge of editing programs. The flyers will be sized 8.5 by 11 inches, with plenty of room for your prices and photos to stand out. You can edit the files in Photoshop CS and later versions and Photoshop Elements, where you can add your wording with the fonts listed in the description.

Wedding Photography Trifold Brochure

A trifold photography pricing template means three times more fun. You will have fun editing this template, because it’s very easy and will take you only a few minutes. The file will be layered to allow you easy customization while clipping masks will be included in case you want to adjust the photos you add. The fonts you can use to make this template great are listed in the product description plus you can also change the colours of both the template and the fonts.

Wedding Photography Square Trifold

This is a very professional way to present your business to the public. You’ll get the trifold photography template layered and well organized, so you can edit it without any hustle even with very little knowledge of Photoshop. You’ll have several pages to edit, like the cover, about studio page, your team of photographers, a photo gallery, your Christmas offers and a page for your fees and service fees. The template is a squared 8 by 8-inch brochure, where you can change and modify all contents until they fit your studio style. You will need Photoshop CS2 or higher or Elements to make the edits.

Standout and Be Counted

You may be looking for an elegant photography template, but you won’t find a more chic pricing guide than this one. The design will easily attract new brides and all you have to do is add your competing prices and fees. The layout is fully customizable and with slight adjustments and edits, you can use it for weddings, engagements and other festive events. There are two pages where you can list down your photography packages and prices plus a page for a la carte menus. The layers are all editable and you can easily place your photos in the designed placeholders.

Irresistible Touch

Spend some time reading the details about this offer because it will surely convince you to make the purchase. The photographers’ template will be sent in four PSD files, compatible with Photoshop CS4 or higher and Photoshop Elements 6 or higher. Customizing its contents should be easy, because the files are layered and organized to make your job so much easier. You will also have an instructional file in your download, where you will find the list with the best fonts plus where you can download them for free. Although the design is made for wedding photography pricing details, you can easily make it a portrait pricing list or other marketing aid.

Bold beauty

If you need a great template that will look good on paper just as they would look good on screen, this is the offer for you. You can use it as a printed postcard for your clients or a flyer to hand out. It will look great as an online marketing board or a newsletter as well. If you don’t have Photoshop software, the seller can make the edits for you and contact you back with the finished, digital product. You can edit the contents easily in Photoshop CS or the Elements. The fonts, text sections and photos can all be changed with your captions and winning pictures while the colours can be modified to fit your preference too.

Versatile Design

You can spread the word about your studio very fast with the help of a photography pricing list template like this one. As an addition, the seller will include a template for a la carte template, to help you show your professional side and agenda to new clients. The files sent to you will be fully editable in Photoshop CS and Elements and you can use the fonts listed in the instruction file to edit your new templates. The colours are editable as well, so you can try out different tones for different list versions every time you need them.

Sell sheet

When you have a great template like the one in the check out link, all you need next are competitive charges and your days as a photography underdog are over. This 5×7 inch template will be ready for printing and sharing as soon as you do minimal edits. Add your pricing fees, your photography packages and change a few colours to make it more noticeable and your flyers will be ready to amaze your clients. The template can be edited in Photoshop and the Elements and printed in Miller’s Lab. If you want to print at another print shop, follow the directions in the product description.

Sell Sheet-2

This is a lovely and attractive way to present your pricing packages to your clients. The only thing missing from this template is your information and with small edits it will be ready to hit the market. You will receive the template in layered PSD files sized 8 by 10 inches. Layer masks are included so you can add your photos in a matter of seconds. You can edit the content with just the basic understanding of Photoshop programs. However, you can ask the seller to customize the file for you if you don’t have the time to do it.

Crisp Design

As long as you have a template like this, you can promote your professional photography and unbeatable prices at the same time. The template has enough room to handle some of your favourite photos and all your package fees as well. You can also share it as a digital marketing tool via social media and email. Free fonts can be used and the seller can give you the info on where to find and download them for free. The template is for a 5×7 inch pricing guide with room for your logo, contact info or studio location.

Wedding Photographer Pricing package

A fully editable template like this can be used for promoting all your photography packages. You can use it for weddings, engagements, graduations, newborn photography and all the other types of shootings you offer. The photo in the preview samples will not be included, but you can download it from the link listed in the help text file sent with the template. You should add your own photos to show your clients your best work, and it will be easy too. There’s a quick guide in the product description, about adding the text and photos, but you can always contact the seller, to help you out with the editing part.

Undying Love

If you don’t want to leave the editing part to the designer, this is a template that will come with easy to understand and follow instruction. You can have this template immediately after you purchase and edit it with free fonts. It will be sent in layered PSD files, so Photoshop CS or the Elements is needed in order to make the basic changes, like text, photos and colours. It was designed for printing in Miller’s and WHCC labs. If you like the modern and elegant design of this template, you can also get a matching business card and gift card.

Pre-made Customizable Price List Template

Get ready to have your pricing guides handed out today because if you purchase this deal you will receive a pre-made photography template for your session fees. You can also use it for other types of packages as well but with a few slight adjustments. The files will be sent to you zipped and you will need to unzip and open them in Photoshop. The PSD file will be well organized and layered, so all you have to do is add your service fees and your contact information.

Charming | Photoshop Template

This template brings your search for a modern photography price list template to an end. You can use it to attract the best audience and customers. Even if you are a beginner in photography and haven’t edited a Photoshop template before, this will be the perfect opportunity to learn how to customize. The seller will send you an instructional PDF file and a list of fonts that will make this pricing guide even more perfect. They will also be available to support you if you have any problems or questions, so take a look at the offer and fire up your editing software.

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