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Our mission - To help underwater photographers achieve their full potential.

is the Worlds largest - online or off! We have more u/w photos in one place than anywhere else online!

The contest is organized into weekly and monthly 'hotshots'. At the end of the year we also have annual awards, which are the highlight of the underwater photographer's calendar.

Lucie Drlikova

Silver Medal Winner By Lucie Drlikova

Claudia Weber-Gebert

Silver Medal Winner By Claudia Weber-Gebert

Athanassios Lazarides

Bronze Medal Winner By Athanassios Lazarides

Jenny Strömvoll

Gold Medal Winner By Jenny Strömvoll

Christian Vizl

Gold Medal Winner By Christian Vizl

Marjan Radovic

Silver Medal Winner By Marjan Radovic

Nick Blake

Bronze Medal Winner By Nick Blake

Christian Llewellyn

Gold Medal Winner By Christian Llewellyn

Khaled Zaki

Gold Medal Winner By Khaled Zaki

Tanya Houppermans

Silver Medal Winner By Tanya Houppermans

Why not upload your images too? Don’t be put off by the high standards, many newbies have beaten the pro's in recent years!

Contest entries

Black tip shark and the lagoon of Moorea
By Greg Fleurentin
posted 20:42 CST Today (2 hours ago) Sea
By Sergiy Glushchenko
posted 17:52 CST Today (5 hours ago) BLUE
By Marko Perisic
posted 17:34 CST Today (5 hours ago) Felimare tricolor
By Cumhur Gedikoglu
posted 14:56 CST Today (8 hours ago) An octopus watching me through its nest
By Göksu Kenanoğlu
posted 13:27 CST Today (9 hours ago) Smile
By Claude Lespagne
posted 05:43 CST Today (17 hours ago)

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