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Here you can convert your own photos/pictures to a crossstitch chart.

If you own a picture of your favorite cartoon for example, this is the easy way to get it in cross stitch!

You can design your stitch chart in 3 steps:

  • Upload an image file from your computer to the website, using the form below, or select a picture from our free samples gallery.
  • Change the image to meet the desired result.
  • Press the "Generate chart" button to let the tool generate the stitch chart for you which you can download for 10 Euro, 12 Dollar or 880 Japanese Yen.
  • Patterns with less than 1000 stitches can be downloaded for free.

Click here to see an example of a pattern which we produced.

Click the button below to browse your computer, and select the image file that you want to upload.

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