Закрыть ... [X]

How wonderful that Dannii Minogue has finally found love with her new boyfriend, Kris Smith. The couple recently announced that they are excepting a child together, and they both seem to be delighted and genuinely happy and in love.

I still remember when Dannii Minogue married actor Julian McMahon in Melbourne in 1994. I couldn't stop looking at the photos. As a young girl, I thought it was the most beautiful wedding ever. With big sister Kylie by her side, it was labelled "Wedding of the year", but sadly the union did not even last 2 years before the couple divorced. Still, I'm sure it was a day they will always remember, for better or for worse ??

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I also remember jumping around my bedroom singing "This is it", a song Dannii released and Julian starred in the film clip to. These photos from the video (and other shoots) are just gorgeous, they both look very much in love. and smitten with each other. I guess it also helps that they are both "model beautiful". Still... dreamy.

You smiled at me,

And suddenly,
The wheels of love began to turn inside of me.
You said hello,

I felt a glow,
Right then and there I knew I'd never let you go.

'Cos I know,
This is it,
This time I know it's the real thing.
I can't explain what I'm feeling,
I'm lost for words,
I'm in a daze,
Stunned and amazed,
By your open ways.

This is it !!

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