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YYMMDD Table of reported historical sales.
No guarantee that you will get what somebody got.  If they don't advertise a specific version, expect to get any version. 120117 Fabio reports he received a #14 from . 120105 Example of a bad buying experience.  Troy in Arizona ordered two 808 #3 cameras from globalink2010 in Dec 2011 and received two cheaper Mini DV voice recorders.  16 day delivery.  He was unhappy about the error.  He filed a complaint.  This seller made no correction or sent the correct item. They wanted him to keep the 808 and get money back or send the 808 back at his expense and wait to receive correct item if they were allowed to look for it.  Ebay took care of him for all but 6 dollars worth. 111204 Claudio from France recently bought a 808 camera on eBay from the globalink2010 seller; he advertises the camera as  #3 and indeed from the time stamp and the low missing frames (about 10 %) it seems a real  #3. 111012 Russ received camera #3 from eBay seller , from Hong Kong.  The instruction book he sent was for camera #1 (based on the instructions for setting the date and time), so he may not be aware he is selling camera #3.  Deliver was 14 days.  After struggling to figure out how to set the time (your site made it possible), Russ found it to be in perfect working order. 110922 Karen received a #3 from worthonline1225 on ebay. Arrived quickly. 110917 Is selling the #3 or the #6?  What are the definitive characteristics of the #3 and #6?  There are probably more variations of the #3 and #6 so it is sometimes difficult to identify which version you have.
eBay rdandsell claims to sell an 808 #3. Christoph ordered an 808 from rdandsell. Because it was sold as a #3 Christoph tried to load #3 firmware into his camera and it bricked the camera.  Christoph says his camera is probably a #6 because it matches the circuit board photos of the #6 and is marked "CARDV_V1.1".  It is unknown how to unbrick a #6 camera because it does not have shorting points on the circuit board.
When asked about this the seller rdandsell wrote this:
"Thank you for your preferecnce to #3. The item I sent you is #3 rather than #6. It is a new version of #3. The old one no longer has the possibility of mass production, due to the technology update of components. Moreover, you could check the feedback from other buyers, all are #3. You could also go to this forum,, no one said our products are not #3. Actually, I wanna know how do you define #3. If you don't mind, please tell me what's #3 in your opinion. Look forward to your reply."
The #3 and #6 were originally diferentiated by the location of the video date time stamp (#3 lower right, #6 lower left) and the #6 had more missing video frames.  Otherwise they were the same in operation. 
Since then it has been observed that the circuit board of the #3 and #6 are different.  Also the #6 firmware size has always been less then 1 megabyte.  The #3 firmware size has been various sizes less than 2 megabytes. 110826 Bruce in the UK reports that he has been buying quite large numbers of key fob cameras to build into model railroad cars  that he sells (). The quality of  key chains from various Chinese suppliers has been very variable.  He has settled on a supplier that supplies consistent quality of 808 #3 key chains.   eBay  and .   This supplier also is prepared to remove the time and date for orders over quantity 50. 110721 Andrew received a #3 from eBay .  110719 Arturo received a #3  from  eBay seller .  They claim they have a large number of them. It has all the characteristics of the #3 described on your webpage. It records 30m clips until the card is full or the battery dies. The battery lasts around 2h. The sound is impeccable. Shipped in 10 days from China to the US for dollar shipping plus .25 (Auction). The packaging look very legit too, and it included the CD and the USB cable. 110628 Will in Houston bought a #8 from from , SKU 42165: . 20 day deliver from China.  No dropped frames with Kingston 8GB class 4.  Device Driver Hardware ID 04FC 3060 (USB Mass Storage Device); Hardware ID 04FC 2843 (Webcam). After the button sequence, The Microsoft webcam driver installed on Vista 32-bit, but would not work.  Worked fine in XP 32-bit. 110624 Txibit from Spain received a #3 from ebay .  14 day delivery.   110527 Jan in Germany received a working 808 #8 from eBay seller keyhere - for US .90 incl. shipping. 110518 Mark from Ottawa bought his 2nd order of #3’s from . I can only get one 30 minute file from this camera.  The previous camera from allowed me 2 files at 30 minutes each with one charge.  My 2nd order of 15 #3’s (work colleagues and friends) from globalink2010. 1 week shipping once payment was received. 110502 Vicente in Spain received a #3  from eBay .  .  According to time/date stamp it's a numbre 3 version. I received it in 15 days from china to Spain. It's works ok, sound and image perfect.  It include camera, cable and English/Chinese manual. 110414  Txibit from Spain received a #8 from eBay . 110317 Niels in Belgium received a #3 from eBay . "I bought it not on his eBay shop, but made an order through email. 8,99 USD for the camera and 3 USD for shipping to Belgium, Europe. Payment made with PayPal. Arrived within a week in bubble wrap (and with manual).  Works perfectly and a confirmed genuine #3 808 camera!" 110317

Ryan from Rancho Cucamonga, CA received his second #3 micro cam from eBay .  "Ordered March 5, 2011 and delivered in 9 days, sooner than promised.  Excellent communication - several emails regarding "how to" and shipping.  Seller advertises #3 with 720 x 480 and 30FPS."

110311 JD received a  #3 from eBay “”.  Ordered 2-26-11. One week delivery.  10% duplicate frames. 110308 K S received a #3 camera from eBay seller .  10 day delivery.  110308 L. T. received a #3 from eBay seller .  "I discussed with her and she told me that her 34 y.o. uncle develops the HD version of this camera - wow!   110228 Γιάννης (John) in Greece received a genuine #3 camera from eBay rdandsell. "I measured the dropped frames in a 50sec video with Avi Dropped frames Analyser 1.0 and found only 2.396%. Item 290469314743" 110222 Giles received a #3 from eBay globalink2010.  China to Florida in 10 days. "They advertise it as a #3 (I'm only going by the yellow time stamp as verification)".  110218 Philipp in , received a #3 cam from ebay , Item number 160473591697. "Received the cam 8 days after buying. Shipping from China to Germany!" 110216 Jochem in The Netherlands received a #3 camera today from eBay (item 300488559733). Ordered 25dec2010.  Delivery 16feb2011, nearly 8 weeks, after a a paypal complaint and the seller did immediately respond.  A genuine #3 with known timestamp and 8-10% missing frames (approx 2.5-3 fps) in fair lighting. 110215 Ben from Germany received a #3 from eBay keyhere. 37 day delivery. 110212 Paul received a real #3 from eBay item number 300514734843 on Jan 16. Deliver was 3 weeks probably slow due to the Chinese holiday. 110207 Mark in Ottawa Canada received a #3 from eBay enjoy secret.  Delivery in 10 days.  Even though they don't ship to Canada, they did.  Getting just over 70 minutes per charge. 110206 Raimonds received a #3  from eBay .  "video size 720x480, yellow transparent timestamp on lower right corner, USB device ids are ID 04fc:0171 & ID 04fc:1528  respectively - for me it looks like #3" 110205 Buyers beware - Lukas tried to buy an 808 from eBay on 12 Nov 2010 but the camera was never delivered, even after multiple promises by the seller.  ma2009fa has high negative feedback in the last month and has stopped selling anything. 110122 Joachim in Germany received five #3 cameras from eBay .  Delivery was 16 days. 110116 Michael in Germany received a #8 from German ebay seller . The seller is advertising a #3.  "On his recommends he pretends that there is no #8 and #3 is the "highest version available". He is advertising with #3 information about the audio and gives fake information about photo resolution." 110111 Andy got a #3 from eBay . Delivered from China to California in 7 days.  "Put a 16GB card into it and ran some tests. Seems to work good". 110105 LeRoy reported that in the summer of 2010 he received #3 and #6 cameras from .  His cameras were shipped from Florida.  Delivery was 3 days US to US.  This seller sells two varieties of 808 cameras, but does not identify the version in the sales listing. 101224 Philip Nelson of Australia received a #3 from  eBay .  "I have confirmed it is a #3 camera. I have tested it with a 4GB Patriot class 10 micro SD card and it works very well (I was told some devices are not compatible with class 10 cards)." 101214 Ken received a #8 novapcs on Ebay.  3 day delivery from Brooklyn to NJ.  "They promised me a #3, but after two shipments, they finally admitted they can only supply a #8.  They refunded my money for not being able to supply a #3 as promised". 101212 Dan C. in Canada received a genuine #3 new version (33% missing frames) from eBay enjoy-secret.  "Great communication from seller".
Acigrant in Australia received #3 cameras from eBay . 101207 Bob received a genuine #3 from eBay enjoy-secret.  Great follow up on any questions from seller. 101206 Sune in Denmark received two #3 eBay rdandsell. .  11 day delivery. 101205 Eric in Germany received a #10 from  . Normally they deliver #3. 101130 Oliver in Germany received a real good #3 from eBay rdandsell (ebay 300473872161).  Delivery was 14 days.  "I think it is a #3 cam, the old version: yellow tie stamp, lower right corner, without black background, 5-13% missing frames." 101122 Marc in Germany received four #8 from eBay crownall.  "They all work good ... but they have pops in the sound". 101113 I received two #3  from eBay digitalele889.  11 day delivery from Hong Kong.  In most respects this camera is just like a #3 but it has a very high missing frame rate.  So, there is the possibility that this could be a underpowered or fake #3. 101112 Todd received three #8 from eBay hi-tech. 2010 Nov 11 Alex received a #8 (EKEN002 processor) from eBay .  This seller has been delivering both the #8 and the #3.  Alex was able to adjust the focus. About 38 MB per minute video. Video is more telephoto than his gumpack camera. Audio volume is very low.  Video and photo frame sample look very good.
JP in France received a  #3 from eBay .  The seller displays this image.  The SPCA1537A is a Sunplus processor.  The is a 640x480 OmniVision CMOS sensor. 2010 Nov 08 Bill in Ohio received a #3  from eBay . 2010 Nov 02 Chad received two #3 from eBay . Ordered 10-18-10 and received 10-30-10.    "The quality is 100 times better than the crappy #7's I got from Hobby king". 2010 Nov 01 Brandon received two #3 from eBay crownall . 2010 Oct 20 gapi in the US received 4 #3 from Hong Kong eBay crownall.    2010 Oct 16 Austin received a #3 and mains charger from UK seller eBay a_novelty_4_you!.  Pricey at US.
Brian reports this:   eBay linjiechong is selling what is claimed to be #3 cameras in the listing, but actually shipping the #8 cameras instead.  Furthermore, one unit of two arrived with a faulty battery (won't hold a charge)--the other suffers badly from the pops, clicks & stutter in both audio & video as outlined on your #8 page.  I purchased on 9/23/2010 and received them on 10/13/2010.  EKEN identifier on the one working camera.  Linjiechong is unrepentant, claiming that, "The factory has upgraded the product" and has thusfar offered only to refund .45.  I have opened an eBay Buyer Protection case.  The #8 is not an "upgrade" and that the items were not as described.  We'll see if the seller refunds both items & shipping, as requested (and allowed for under the new Buyer Protection policy).
2010 Oct 12 Christian in Germany received 11 #6 from keyhere.  13 day delivery.  The #6 videos looked much better than the #3 ones. The sound is slightly worse..but overall I'm amazed of the #6 ones.
Xenu in Florida received two #8 cameras, one from each linjiechong and yaunminqi.  Both mailed from the same location in Hong Kong.  Both were advertised to be #3 on eBay.  Quality is not as good as #3.  Contacted both sellers for refund or exchange.    2010 Oct 11 Chris received a #8 from Meritline.  The sale listing claims #3.  They have been shipping #9.  You don't know what you will get from Meritline. 2010 Oct 08 Ed has these comments:  I received a #8 camera today from linjiechong instead of the #3 promised in his eBay auction.  Ordered it on 9/27/10, so it took just 10 days to arrive.  I emailed them and requested the #3 camera I had ordered and the response was:  "Dear customer, The factory has ungrade the product. It is better."  He unintentionally outed himself by calling the #8 an "ungrade" instead of an "upgrade".  Luckily I retained a copy of the auction specifying #3 camera, so I informed linjiechong that the #8 is not an "ungrade", especially the horrible sound recording, and demanded a #3 camera.  It will be interesting to see how he handles this, since I will definitely leave him negative feedback and file a claim with PayPal for a refund including return postage to China if he does not step up.
Ed reported that he received a refund from linjiechong for advertising a #3 and shipping a #8.
Iain in Scotland received a #8 from eBay KKWVFP.  Though the picture quality is quite good, the frame rate is awful. I'd estimate that it's just a few frames per second; even with good lighting. Motion is therefore very blurred and footage unusable. I'm using a new, FAT32 formatted, Kingston class 4 8gb micro sd. The seller, after my complaint through eBay, claims the 808 is a "new #3...from the same factory" and has offered me a discount on further purchases. However, they do not do returns and have apparently sold an item not as described and I've given appropriate eBay feedback.
Petra in Germany reports this message from eBay troyexporter:
Hello, Thanks for your message. I am sorry we forgot to tell you that We sell the #8, New Camera Version at present. High video quality, Similar to the #3 and #6 camera. This is a upgrade version camera, and it has more stable performances than #3,so we choose this new version. Also the factory is out of manufactured #3 already. Please do not worry, maybe you can try to use it. Thanks for your understanding. As to the video, can you tell me more details about it? Please advise. We serve to service you better. Any questions please feel free to contact us. Wish you have a nice day! 2010 Oct 07 Tom received a #8 from eBay buyincoins.  "I received a notice upon purchase that there would be a delay due to increased demand for the low price.   It's a #8 unit, with a board identifier D006C-V3.  I did find an annoying feature inside.  The double sticky tape on the battery wasn't really holding onto anything.  I added some foam tape to stabilize the battery."
Paul in The Netherlands wanted to buy another #3 but got this reply:  "Dear customer, Sorry, the factory just told me that they won't produce the product any more.  The said the new one is better.  Thank you. - linjiechong"
Meik in Germany got this email from eBay we-best-store: "Hello, Well received your message, i am sorry to inform you that it is all #8 cameras in the market now, this quality is more better than #3, and there is no #3 on Chinese market. Please well noted and please keep me posted for your opinion, i can solve with you asap, have a nice day!"
David sells 808 cameras in the UK made these comments:  I was in contacts with my original supplier again and it seems that the factory he buys from stopped production of the #3 camera 20 days ago due to a lack of available processors, hence the use of the EKEN002 (#8).   I don't know how many factories are churning out #3 camera but it may now mean a serious reduction in #3 available.
Felix in Germany received a #6 today from the eBay keyhere
Luke received a #3 from eBay yuanminqi.  11 day delivery.
John received a working #3 cam from keyhere, ordered 100914, received 101007. 2010 Oct 06 Petra (Gruss) in Germany received 5 #8 from eBay Troy-e-store.  In the past received many #3.
Pieter in South Africa received a "crappy #8" when the listing said #3.  Ordered from eBay Zhaohaoting and linjiechong, same seller.
Meik in Germany received a #8 from eBay we-best-store.  Seeing the photos in his auction i thought he sells #3 camera. I ordered one with the advice to deliver only #3 camera. I received the item yesterday Oct 05. This is a very good shipping time. But after I made the first video i saw what's happened: Obviously a #8 camera! The first AVI is split after 1GB. All following at 500MB. If the camera has bad temper, the AVI is split after 8 minutes or 20 minutes apathetically of the file size. The Video quality relative good(every 2nd-3rd Frame is a Duplicate; resulting Frame rate is relative exact 20FPS at sunlight)  but the sound is terrible. Once per second you hear a 100ms long "voice fragment" from the voice which was recorded 500ms ago.
received a #8 but ordered a #3 as advertised by linjiechong.  This seller is still advertising a #3 on some eBay listings, but delivering a #8.. 2010 Oct 05 Metanei in Spain received a #3 from linjiechong, had problems with the camera, and linjiechong replaced it with a #8.
Ed received a #3 from laptopz-outlet.  Delivery NY to Dallas in 4 days.
Kevin received a #8 from linjiechong but wanted a #3.  linjiechong has removed this comment from his eBay listing:  "It is version 3, The date time color is yellow stamp on lower right". 2010 Oct 04 Jorge received a #8 from linjiechong but the website advertised it was #3. 2010 Sep 30 Problem: Michael in Germany ordered a #3 but received a #6 from eletoponline365.
Cletus hoped to received three #3 cameras but received three #8 cameras from linjiechong.
Cletus received a #3 from ebay  A-shop-with-a-view, then received two #8 cameras from A-shop-with-a-view.
Jonathan in New Zealand received 15 #3 cameras from eBay linjiechong.  One of the cameras is a #8. 2010 Sep 28 Brad received a #3 from eBay laptopz-outlet in Brooklyn, NY USA.  Delivery 3 business days USA to USA. 2010 Sep 25 Problem: Christian ordered a #3 but received an variant of the #5 from Meritline.  2010 Sep 23 nurmichl in Austria received a #3 from eBay yuanminqi in Hong Kong.  13 day delivery.
Problem: Jonas in Germany ordered a #3 but received a #6 from eBay eletoponline365.  2010 Sep 22 Problem: Alchemist ordered a #3 but received a #8 from eBay kkwvfp. The eBay listing claims "It is #3,Date time color is yellow,stamp on lower right" 2010 Sep 18 Christian in Germany received 2 #3 from keyhere.  9 day delivery.   The distant focus was poor.  He tried to change the focus on one cam, but by that try he destroyed the cam... 2010 Sep 08 Clarke received a  #3 from cellularfactory for about US shipped. Deliver was 12 days from Thailand. 2010 Sep 01 Bandit received two #7 from eBay laptopz-outlet US each. Delivery from Brooklyn NY USA to USA 5 days.
Hugh received a #3 from Meritline item Number 400-808-001 delivered from China US.
JP received 3 #3 cameras from keyhere 2010 Aug 27 Florent in France received a #3 from eBay linjiechong.  Delivery from Hong Kong to France in 8 days. €6.21 2010 Aug 26 Andreas in Germany received two #3 each from a different eBay seller: keyhere, linjiechong.  12 day delivery.  He likes the keyhere camera better because the case is different and 0.8g lighter.  The linjiechong-cam always needs to get reconnected to the computer after you disconnected it, otherwise it won't turn on. 2010 Aug 25 Pedro in the Czech Republic received a #3 from eBay zhaohaoting from Hong Kong. 2010 Aug 23 Michiel B. in The Netherlands received two #3 camera's from two eBay sellers:  eunion4u US.75 (cheapest key camera at that time) and eletoponline365 US.99
2010 Aug 22 gohansayian received a  #3 from WingmanRC.  Everything works. 2010 Aug 21 Poulsbobill received a #3  from eBay keyhere with 12 day delivery to the west coast USA.  He removed the battery and added an external jack to power it from his BEC on an RC airplane (used a diode to reduce voltage 0.6v).  The new weight is 11.1 grams.  He verifies that the camera, with no battery, will work with a USB connection, no harm done. 2010 Aug 20 Ryan from Rancho Cucamonga, CA received a #7 from eBay ecmonster. Shipped from Hong Kong, US.49, 13 day delivery.
Wayne purchased two #3 cameras from eBay Keyhere.  One stopped working and he checked the battery and found the same symptoms described as the .  He unsoldered the black wire at the battery protection board, then re-soldered it.  This solved the problem. 2010 Aug 19 I received four #3 cameras, each from a different eBay seller: keyhere, black-bread, e-store-family and power-gps.  Two from Singapore, and two from Hong Kong.  Delivery to Michigan USA was 10 days from Singapore and 14 days from Hong Kong.  Each camera averaged US.28  No packing slips were provided so I don't know who sent what.
One camera was received dead, but I was able to fix it.  It would only work while the USB cable was connected.  See  .
Stefan in Germany received a #3 camera from eBay troyexporter. 2010 Aug 14 Martin in Montreal Canada received a #3 from eBay e-store-family.  Two week delivery.
Patrick received a #3 from eBay cctvehome.  Ten day delivery. 2010 Aug 12 SM received a #3 from eBay e-store-family. Delivered to the USA in less than a week.
Patrick in Germany received a #6 from eBay.de greencityde.  Seller in Frankfurt.  Webcam works with win7-64. 2010 Aug 09    Björn in Sweden received a #6 from eBay dailysource2005.  17 day delivery. 2010 Aug 07 Steve received a #3 from eBay jahhili.  Seller is in Canton, Ohio, USA. 2010 Aug 05 Vasilis in Greece bought five #3 cameras from eBay linjiechong.
George in Romania received a #4 from eBay globalink2010.
George in Romania received fifteen #3 cameras last month from eBay yuanminqi.
Michiel from The Netherlands received a #3 from eBay yuanminqi.
Jan from Germany received a #6 from eBay eunion4u.  7 days delivery.
Jan from Germany received a #3 from eBay power-gps.  9 days delivery. 2010 Aug 02 Thijs from Holland received a #5 from eBay low_price_city. 2010 Aug 02 Johannes in Germany received a #3 from eBay greencityde. Delivery 4 days. Germany to Germany shipping only. 2010 July 30 Allan received a #3 from eBay eletoponline365. 2010 July 29 Carlos received a #6 from eBay black-bread. 2010 July 27 P. in the UK received a #3 and a good USB cable from eBay keyhere. 2010 July 25 Seb received a #3 from eBay power-gps 2010 July 23 Kham in NZ received a #3 from eBay e-store-family 2010 July 15 Gert received a #3 from eBay keyhere. 2010 July 14 M.W. report: Defective #3 was delivered from eBay troyexporter. Mailed the seller but no response for 2 weeks, then seller offered full refund. 2010 July 08 Jon reports he received a #3 from eBay e-store-family.  2010 June 24 Justin reports the eBay black-bread sold him a #6 camera.  2010 June 24 Received one #3 camera (400-808) from Meritline.com.  Ordered 2010 June 12.  .59.  Meritline sent the wrong camera.  I ordered a 119-198, they sent 400-808.  Camera tests OK.  2010 June 21  Received two #3 cameras ordered from eBay seller troyexporter.  The biller is Chang Yuan Chen.  Shipped from Empire Techno Centre, Singapore.  I ordered them 2010 June 12 (not sold by version number), US.48 each.  They both test OK.  YMMV.  2010 June 21  Brian has received #3 cameras from for-easy-life.  Seems to be the same eBay listing as troyexporter. 2010 May M. B. in Italy reports he bought two #6cameras from e-store-family (not #3 as someone reported). The USB cables were bad and one of the two didn’t go on after a charge. The LED was always off, and it turned on only while charging. I tried to contact the seller but he didn’t answer. I charged it again with a good cable and now it works again