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door bar (handle and lock)faults-they may come off or bend or even jam...check it
a build up of dirt in the lock switch...check for fluff etc
a seizing door exterior lock-lubricate once a week with WD40
a fuse could be gone-or loose

Replacement time!

Difficulty : Easy
Time : 90 mins
People: 2 at best, 1 is do-able
Parts : umm a new actuator for the corresponding door

-Screw driver, Flat head and Philips( you'll need a 0 and a 2 for the Philips)
-10 mm socket

Things that help but not necessary :

-Some latex gloves(lots of grease and lube on the actuator)
-A good flash light
-Screw Grabber (not sure what its actually called; ill show you a pic tho)

Remember it may seem complicated at times but its really not, i just try to over explain to avoid problems.

Step 1 : Remove the interior door panel by by removing these 8 screws (yellow) to get to the ones under the handle use a flat head screw driver to gently pry the handle away, there's a small slot on the top left part of it that you can squeeze the screw driver into. Once all 8 screws are out, pull the inside handle and remove the well it will slide right out then gently pull on the bottom left corner and pull the panel away from the door then lift to remove the top. Unhook all the wires seen in pic 2.


Step 2: You should be looking at this now. peel away the plastic sheet(if you do it carefully you can re-attach it, if your like me and don't care throw it away i have no idea what its for anyway) make sure you've disconnected the wires from their components in order to remove the barrier .

This is where the actuator is.
The two holes can be used to see and or access the two golden bolts holding the handle on

Step 3:

Remove these 3 bolts, it helps if you have a ratchet that you can connect the Philips head to, it make this easy but if not its all muscle

Step 4 : Disconnect the wire cable that lead from the inside door handle and lock to the actuator. Its fairly straight forward the blue piece is L shaped (yellow boxes in pic) just pull on it towards you (like a door) then lift the metal part of the cable up. you can just yank the cable off the door after that.

Step 5 : The tricky part, look inside the door at the actuator and you should see two golden brassy bars leading up to the outside door and handle, you have to disconnect those two bars. now I've found the easiest way to do this is to take the door handle off, so take your 10mm ratchet and reach up into the space where you actuator is all the way up to where the handle is and remove the two golden bolts( one is on the left and can be easily seen through on of the two holes on top of the big opening and the other is to the right of it close to the locking mechanism) these two bolts can suck the big one and i wish i had a pic for you but i cant get my camera inside. once the two golden bolts are off the handle should come free and you can now easily access where the two bars are attached. disconnect them just like the cables before (unsnap, pull) except this time you have to pull a lot harder to get them off, don't worry they wont break. here's what the connections look like separated.

back side of out side lock and handle

two bastard bars

Step 6: revel in your glory as you should now have a disconnected actuator, oh yeah unplug it too.... duh. you should now have a door like this.

Step 7: Reassemble. everything basically just bolts back on in place, the trickiest part is reattaching those damned bars but the easiest way is to put the actuator in the door compartment in the general orientation it should be (don't bolt it in, you'll need the freedom of movement ) now go to the outside of the door and reattach the lock part of the outside handle next fit the lock in place on the handle( make sure the bolt holes line up) and now re-attach the handle bar and voila slide handle into place and bolt actuator in. here's a check list of things to reconnect.

-golden brassy bars to out side handle
-bolt in actuator
-actuator wires
-bolt in door handle
-cable to inside lock and handle
-reattach your vapor barrier(optional)
-wires to door inside door panel
-door panel(duh)
-screw in all 8 screws ( it really really helps if you use a screw grabber thing for the two under the handle, see pic below)
- close and test the door.