Paint Your Nails PERFECTLY At Home!

How to apply nail polish perfectly like a pro

How to apply nail polish neatly? Beauty is not restricted to face and skin. Taking good care of nails is also one among the amazing tips to stay updated with beauty and hygiene care factor. We all must have bought nail polish from the market and even have applied the same. But, very less people can apply the nail polish coat perfectly. Sometimes the coats are too light to fade away and sometime it becomes too dark to haunt your around. Some ladies also apply nail polish coat over their hair in such a way that it comes out of the nails and touches the skin. There are some step by step tutorials to apply nail polish. How to paint your nails perfectly at home?

How to apply nail polish like a pro? Whether it a long nails or short nails, it is best to follow some pro steps for painting the nail polish neatly. These results make short nails look longer and beautiful. We all have been applying nail polish over our hand nails. But the impression of nail paint is different in each of us hand. It is just because we all have different techniques of applying the nail polish. Some of us are still not aware of the right way to apply the nail paint. Many of us do’ not know how exactly the nail paint should be applied over the hands. You can find nail polish parlors in different countries where the beauticians do apply the nail paint in a perfect way. Let us find out the ways to get the nail polish perfectly over the nails.

Bypass harsh chemicals

How to fix curved nails

How to prepare your nails before nail polish? Before applying new polish on your fingernails, you’ll want to remove the old one. Rather than using a rough acetone solution, look for non-acetone polish removers. This will hold your fasteners healthy and shiny. To remove polish without initiating impairment, be certain to wipe polish away with a cotton pad that won’t rub the exterior of the fastener.

Use press-ons

While fasteners can be damaging, acetate press- don’t cause any damage to your nails. If you have impaired nails, just apply a fast press-on to cover up the impairment and avert nail polish from seeping , which can cause irritation.

Always use a coat

To keep your nails from turning unhealthy yellow shadow, apply a base nail polish coat before you apply any tinted nail polish. Start at the white half-moon overhead the cuticle and apply in an upward direction. Let the base coat dry for 4 to 5 minutes before applying the tinted nail color.

Apply two coats of polish

For expert, salon-quality complete look, be certain to apply two coats of nail polish, Remember to allow each coat to dry before you apply the next one. This will help you from messing up your manicure.

Let your nails dry

While sitting round doing nothing can be dull, but it’s the only way to make sure you don’t smudge your polish after applying it. Easy steps on how to paint your nails perfectly at home.

Tips and ideas to apply nail polish perfectly

Step by step procedure for applying nail polish perfectly like a pro.

Step 1

How to get beautiful nails

Choose perfect color for nails? Get the favorite color nail polish of your choice from the market. It will be favorable if you go for the nail polish of reputed brand. This will keep your nails away from damage and the color will also stay for a long time.

Step 2

How to paint your nails? The next step will be to place your hand over a steady material, like a table, bed or a tough object for good support so that while applying the nail polish, it does not spread to your skin adjoining your nails.

Step 3

How to apply nail polish to your fingers neatly? Now, start applying the nail polish over your fingers slowly and steadily. While applying the nail polish you might see the polish going over the extreme corner of the nails and even in the cuticles.

Step 4

How to apply nail polish properly? After applying first coat of your nail polish, do not apply the second coat immediately. Rather, you need to wait for at least ½ an hour to 1 hour time to let the first coat dry up completely. Then you must apply the second coat of the nail polish.

Step 5

How do you put on nail polish neatly? Whether you need to apply the third coat or not would vary from one nail polish to another. In your nail polish bottle you can see the note about whether 2 coats need to be applied or 3 coats. Some nail paints remain absolutely fine with two coats where as some requires third coat as well. You need to follow the steps in the instruction and go ahead with the decision accordingly.

Step 6

Nail art accessories available in market

Apply nail polish professionally. After applying the nail color according to your choice, you need to apply a clear or transparent nail color over it. This is done to create a protective layer over your nail color.

Step 7

Now after applying the transparent nail paint, you need to prepare a sink with hot water with soap. It will be soapy water filled with bubbles. Just like the preparation made with washing powder before soaking clothes for washing.

Step 8

Now wash your hand with the soap water so formed and give a mild massage to the skin around your nails. Now, take an old sponge and rub your fingers with the same. If you don’t have old sponge then uses an old cotton cloth. This will help eradicating the excess color that has come out of the boundary of nails and touched your skin.

Step 9

How to set your nail color on your hand? Now wash your hand with cold water and let it dry. You can easily see the nail color getting set on your hand. Since you have washed your hand with hot water, the nail paint that is wrongly put over your skin will be removed.

Step 10

How to give your nails a trendy look with perfect nail polish? You can also use a very thin brush and get nail art over the single color nail polish to give a trendy look to your nails.  If you have applied a light pink color nail color, apply a dark color nail color.

Amazing tips and ideas to apply nail polish

Easy tips and ideas to apply nail polish. Things to remember for perfect nail paint like a pro. Simple tips to follow.

Three strokes

How to make nails white and stronger

The number of strokes you allow for the nail paint is important. Some people apply one stroke of nail brush over the nails where as other people uses two stroke. But the perfect number of stroke to be applied in one nail to cover the entire nails will be three strokes.

No quick dry

You will find different varieties of nail polish in the market. Some takes usual time to dry up the polish over the nails where as others will dry up quickly. But, it is really important to avoid the nail polish that dries up very quickly. These are thinner and will be runnier as compared to the other nail polish that takes time to dry. Thus this will give a dull and weaker coat which can easily go away.

Colors reflecting mood

You need to choose a color that will be suitable for your mood. In a way, that color would make your day happening. If you wish to get an appearance that your nails are longer, the darker colors will be more appropriate. The colors that are ideal in this regard are red, dark blue, purple etc.

Not too old

It is important to leave the very old nail polish available at home and buy a new one for a perfect coat.  Normally the old nail polishes will provide a gloopy and thick appearance which is not really durable. After applying the color only you will see it is going away in just a day.

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How to apply nail polish perfectly like a pro
How to apply nail polish perfectly like a pro images

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How to apply nail polish perfectly like a pro forecast
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How to apply nail polish perfectly like a pro picture
How to apply nail polish perfectly like a pro picture

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How to apply nail polish perfectly like a pro new pictures

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pics How to apply nail polish perfectly like a pro

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Watch How to apply nail polish perfectly like a pro video

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