Helping Haiti's hungry

Helping Kids Help Haiti

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All around the world, kids are digging into their pockets to help the devastated people of Haiti. Students from Washington Elementary School in Roselle, N.J., helped the Roselle School District raise more than ,000 for earthquake victims in Haiti by participating in a Dress Down Day fundraiser. In Aurora, Ill., what was originally scheduled as a fun volleyball game against friendly rivals turned into a Haiti fundraiser that brought in more than ,500 in donations. In Montreal, Canada, kids brought in whatever spare change they could find to send in, while in Arizona, kids held an emergency book and bake sale to raise funds. On the nearby Caribbean island of Bonaire, kids collected clothing to send to their devasted neighbors. Worldwide, many children have sent money to the "" initiative through the World Food Programme.
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Many kids may not realize all that they can do to help out in Haiti. Helping kids find ways to help Haiti teaches empathy, builds a global community, and gives kids the opportunity to make a direct difference by supporting efforts that will help rebuild schools, offer medical aid, provide shelter and clothing, and restore hope for the Haitian children.

There are lots of ways kids can get involved and make a difference in Haiti. Here are a few ideas:

• Fundraiser: Hold a bake sale, set up a lemonade stand, or sell homemade chocolate cookies at your school. Put together a neighborhood yard sale, used book sale, or car wash to generate funds. Even setting up a simple donation box at school or a parent's workplace can help raise quite a bit of money.

• Support relief: Help your kids show thier support for the children in Haiti by finding a relief organization to send money to. Yéle Haiti, Unicef, Save the Children, Doctors Without Borders and the American Red Cross all have active campaigns going right now to help the people of Haiti.

• Learn more: The more kids know, the more they will be able to empathize with their global neighbors in Haiti and understand the devastation caused there by recent earthquakes. For little kids, you can play Haitian music, read a folktale, or learn some geography.

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Helping Kids Help Haiti
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