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CMS hands states more power for waiver process By Erica Teichert and Virgil Dickson

In a dramatic overhaul of the current 1332 waiver process, the CMS said state legislatures will no longer have to approve waiver plans. Instead, governors will be able to take action on their own. The agency also changed how it will evaluate waivers.

By Modern Healthcare  |  October 20, 2018

2018 Healthcare Marketing Impact Awards: Crafting messages that make a difference

The Healthcare Marketing Impact Awards are designed to recognize healthcare's best advertising, marketing, promotion and communication campaigns on and across all media platforms. The awards honor campaigns that advance provider, insurer, supplier and advocacy group efforts.

By Harris Meyer  |  October 20, 2018

Primary-care companies cut costs through preventive models

These companies' population health-style efforts are being emulated by hospital systems, but progress has been slow and spotty.

By the Numbers: Post-acute care providers, 2018

An online-exclusive, extended list of the nation's 26 largest post-acute-care companies, ranked by 2017 net revenue. Source: Modern Healthcare's 19th annual Post-Acute Care Survey, Modern Healthcare Metrics and Securities and Exchange Commission filings.

Data Points: Healthcare industry challenged with cyber insecurity, data breaches Northwestern expands in northwest Indiana with new partnership

A new partnership between Northwestern Medicine in the Chicago area and Indiana-based Franciscan Health aims to improve access to quality care for patients with neurological conditions in Indiana.

Will Republicans keep their new promises on pre-existing condition protections?

Despite congressional GOP candidates' promises, health policy analysts doubt whether victorious Republicans would move to replace those ACA protections with equally strong measures to cover people with health conditions as part of repeal legislation.

Hackers breach system, get data on 75,000

A government computer system that interacts with was hacked earlier this month, compromising the sensitive personal data of some 75,000 people.

Hospitals have an unrealized .4 billion supply chain opportunity

Hospitals could save significant money if they standardize purchasing, analyze data that tie costs to patient outcomes and facilitate collaboration between physicians and administrators, according to a new report.

Avoidable hospital-acquired conditions spark  billion in extra costs

A set of 14 hospital-acquired conditions that the CMS considers avoidable accounted for 48,771 adverse patient outcomes, 3,219 deaths, and more than billion in excess hospital costs in 2016, according to a new research brief.

IBM Watson Health head Deborah DiSanzo steps down

DiSanzo will move to IBM Cognitive Solutions' strategic team, and IBM Research's John Kelly will take over at IBM Watson Health, a division of the company that has faced personnel and technological setbacks.

Executive Compensation: 2018

A Special Feature on the nation's compensation for healthcare executives, selected titles. Source: Sullivan, Cotter and Associates.