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Alright, I’m not saying that I could pull off making any of these cakes, but I do love them! And maybe some of you are better bakers than I am 😉 Plus, everyone loves a little eye candy to feast on, right? I’m also including some other reception food ideas after the cakes, because dessert should come first! Or maybe that’s just the pregnant lady inside of me talking… 😉

Make some beautiful first communion cupcakes

with Bakerella.

Find a complete tutorial on making paper

with Composing Hallelujahs.


Another amazing cake. I love the stained glass on this one!

The rosary on is adorable.

Here’s a from Delictble Eatables.


I love this idea for a !

Perhaps with a younger looking doll…


Look at this cute from

Memories of a Catholic Wife and Mother.


I think it would be really cute at a first communion

party to fill plastic wine cups from the Dollar Tree

with red jello as “wine”. ,

but you obviously need to forgo the garnishes.


Make this with

Once Upon a Plate.

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Picture Book of the Mass