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Report #068

May 28, 2004 (documentation replaced 2/13/2010)


As you can see in the above first image, this is probably the most massive tall towering object visible in and drawn from the official military Clementine science data even in comparison by a slight margin to those presented in my previous report #067 titled "." As with those in the previous report #067, it is a colossal object that dwarfs and dominates everything else in the nearby terrain many times over.
The many smaller scale smooth blotchy areas scattered all around in this scene's terrain are digital blur and smudge image tampering applications done at differing resolution levels. These break up and mask the true surface details and hide specific evidence of something in this terrain as well as break up the terrain in favor of false detail and any familiar frame of reference objects in it that might tip us off to the true size scale here. All of the Clementine imaging in the lighter color areas so prevalent on the far side is covered in this type of alternating light and dark color tampering that breaks up organized patterns, natural or artificial, into this mostly chaotic meaningless jumble and lack of true detail.
The key to one particular type of evidence detail that is being well hidden by these plentiful tampering applications are the great numbers of tiny specks you see embedded in these applications. Note that, as reported in previous report #067, these specks are uniformly geometric and rectangular in shape rather than simple irregular spots such as natural geology or imaging artifacts like bad pixels might produce. These specks are a little less apparent detail wise in this scene because of slightly poorer resolution than in some of those in the previous report but their rectangular nature can still be determined.
As previously reported, these specks are, in my opinion, the reflective roof tops of artificial structures where the automated tampering applications have mapped to and encircled the base and side areas of the structures at closer resolutions than released to us but have left the more reflective roof tops out of the tampering application to break up the tampering application's otherwise smooth featureless surface texture and then drawn back to a more the more distant resolution you see here to further compromise detail.
As I've reported before, this tampering technique is typical and quite effective in covering up normal size evidence. But, the massive structures like the one you see above are not adequately obscured by this smaller scale treatment and require more pronounced treatments that wind up being visually more obvious, again as you see above.

Now the above second image also shows a tower. It looks smaller because this image is presented at the official 100% resolution rather than blown up to a 200% factor as is the first image above it. I did this because I wanted you to see not only the tower, but all of the long arrow straight linear lines evidence all along the left side of the image from the mid level to the top. The likelihood that this evidence represents long straight linear line strings of normal size artificial structure evidence mostly covered up by tampering applications is very strong just as it is obviously very unlikely that this kind of rigid straight linear uniformity represents any kind of natural surface geology.
Unfortunately, most of this more normal size linear line evidence is very distantly seen and heavily compromised by image tampering applications applied at a very close resolution not released to the public. These tampering applications seriously compromised most of the individual evidence but not the overall straight pattern of it. The net result that it all appears to us on a very tiny scale after the distance technique has been applied. I would have shown a closer view but I ran out of imaging file size room here in this report. The closer view actually does not help that much except to better identify the tampering applications.
A good example of the tampering application is the bottom left straight linear run that extends form the left image edge to our right and bisects the top left area of the tower. Once you get your eyes close to the screen and look very close, even at this distant official resolution, this is obvious as a run of smudge tampering application tracking this particular evidence line complete with leaving the more light reflective rectangular structure roof tops out in the line. It was done at and enabled by a much closer resolution than made publicly available to us. Individual evidence is compromised but the overall linear line pattern remains intact.
Also, take special note of the evidence pointed out by the two short green arrows. The top arrow points down to a long raised well off the ground long straight platform that appears to have long lower profile rectangular buildings on it, so don't start thinking that this is some kind of section of a raised expressway for wheeled ground traffic that we might be familiar with. Then note that the lower green arrow points up to a dark shadow being cast into a depression directly below this large long platform clearly demonstrated that the long platform is a raised well off the ground object and closer examination does increase support for this interpretation.
For those of you who wish to examine this particular evidence closer with your own graphics software, note that there is some very large object beneath and holding up this platform immediately to the left of the lower green arrow. A image tampering application has completely obscured this object but has done so by conforming closely to its shape. This tiny (as seen here) tampering work demonstrates that this was logically done at and enabled by much closer resolution not released to the public and that such closer resolution Clementine Moon imaging does logically exist in secrecy somewhere within military intelligence archives.
There is other similar tiny scale evidence present here but I thought I would point this particular one out with the green arrows because it is a little easier to see in this image even at the distant official resolution small scale. Most of the rest are heavily compromised by image tampering. Because of that, the rounded object the platform ends into to the right of the green arrows appears to also be raised and casting a dark shadow below it but be forewarned that this can not be conclusively determined because of the tiny scale image tampering applications compromising this evidence area.
There is one other thing I wish to draw your attention to and that is again back to the towering object in the above second image. It may be a chance illusion but note how there appears to be a clear see through distortion field continuing up above the top of the tower as defined by the top ending of the much more visible opaque blur/smudge tampering field. Note that it gives the impression that this clear distortion field is in summitry with a tapering tower top.
If real, there are a number of questions associated with this. For example, is this just a clear blur portion of the tampering application extending by mistake too far above the tower object causing distortion of the background seen through it? Or is it a section of false background supplanted over the top area of this object to give it a shortened look? I suspect one or both of these explanations is more likely the case. However, alternatively, could this be a cloaking field of some kind surrounding an protecting the tall massive structure distorting visuals of it and not image tampering at all? I doubt it but objectivity demands an open mind on this as a possibility and for me to point out this as a possibility, even if unlikely.

As you can see in the above third image, not all of the most massive objects are tall towering structures. This one is also very massive but more horizontally oriented and perhaps sectional in its design. On the left side within the obscuring blur/smudge image tampering, note the vaguely seen within the tampering field outline of stepped first and second levels of the structure can be seen as well as some tiny bits and pieces geometric evidence sticking out from the edge of the tampering application field. It also appears that this structure may sit on slightly raised ground. I suspect that this may be a massive industrial complex of some kind.
As you can also see in this scene, the smooth featureless surface texture of the many blur/smudge image tampering applications almost entirely carpeting the terrain surrounding this massive object are more obvious here with this much image clarification. That is also because the applications are thicker, because they are applied basically on one resolution level, and also because there are less rectangular structure roof tops embedded in the applications to break up their smooth featureless surface texture.
The brighter reflective areas not covered by the tampering applications seen as holes in the overall tampering field do show some artificial structure evidence. However, these are not very well seen here because of poorer resolution and also are partially obscured because I over lightened this scene to provide as much penetration insight as possible into the massive structure tampering field and this came at the expense of the many already brighter reflective areas.

The above fourth image demonstrates something again very massive but this time probably even more lower profile in the Moon terrain. It is so thoroughly hidden by its tampering field that speculation as to what specifically may be hidden is useless except that it is obviously something very big, massive and almost certainly artificial.
At the very minimum, this kind of large scale so very obvious blur/smudge image tampering demonstrates conclusive proof that someone supporting a secrecy agenda is hiding huge scale evidence of some kind on the Moon and that such a secrecy agenda and digital image tampering does in fact exist. Since they obviously wouldn't waste their time and money on this unless it was in their opinion something very important and very much worthy of National secrecy, that means that you and I should be paying rapt attention to this evidence to.
You have to understand that this powerful evidence isn't on some far distant planet, it's on the Moon right over our heads and very close travel wise. That carries some very dramatic eye opening implications. If someone besides ourselves is actively residing on the Moon and there are a great deal of them as appears to be supported by a lot of this evidence I'm presenting, we are talking about a lot of time to establish such a pervasive presence and, if they are even remotely like us, we are logically talking about high technology beyond our own enabling and sustaining such a presence in such a hostile (by our standard of measure) place.
If we are not alone, think of the questions and complexity this issue raises. For example, what do you think are the chances that who ever is on the Moon would be completely ignoring us right down here on Earth so close and convenient to access below them? One can't help but wonder if they have had a hand in shaping our physiology, our history, our belief systems? Are they our ancestors or are we related to them at all? Does their presence on the Moon explain the presence of others in our history that we thought were just myths and legends? Are they friends or something else?
We've always thought that we Earth humans just naturally have a claim to "our" Moon because of our close proximity to it once we are technologically advanced enough to effectively take advantage of that claim. Right now there is already a lot of squabbling as some here on Earth are already trying to decide who has a right to what on the Moon. While we're naively and myopically thinking about dividing up the Moon into our possession, what if this is someone else's home, has been for ages, and we have not even the slightest claim to it at all? After all, in the face of long occupation and greater technological advancement, our simple nearby proximity isn't worth squat.
The net result will be that we've got to start thinking by a whole new set of rules that is not so myopically focussed on just ourselves and our wants and desires and must consider others we as a people currently know nothing about. Getting dizzy yet?

Further, has someone here on Earth secretly been in contact with who ever this is and negotiating on our behalf but in a process completely devoid of our society's knowledge, participation or input? If so, for example, are any of these the same people pursuing the post war situation in Iraq? Is that leadership capability all right with you? Think about it.
DOCUMENTATION (added 2/13/2010)
The military's Clementine Lunar Browser (CLIB) version 1.5 has been "retired" and the new "improved" version 2.0 data that replaces it now conveniently (for secrecy) does not contain the discovery evidence presented here in this report and it appears that those former discovery sites have been altered in the 2.0 data to sanitize them away. Therefore, to facilitate verification and prove that the anomalous discoveries were in fact in the older 1.5 science data and part of it for 16 years, the links immediately below access the unaltered version 1.5 originals downloaded by this researcher in 2004 and now parked on this website.
Report 1st source image from the 1.5 data

Since the general terrain around these discovery sites can still be identified in the new 2.0 data despite changes, you can compare the old 1.5 versus the new 2.0 sites and see the sanitization for yourself. Even though this may be historically consistent with past secrecy treatment of anomalous Moon evidence, I see this foolishness 16 years later military move targeting these anomalous discoveries as particularly offensive, arrogant, and of very poor judgment. Worse it demonstrates a serious disconnect with and disregard for the American people who paid for this and who's sole property it is. However, you must decide for yourself.
: This link accesses the Clementine Lunar Image Browser (CLIB) version 2.0 noting that version 1.5 data is now no longer available. There one can search the official military Clementine science data based via either the graphical interface or Moon latitude and longitude coordinates. When using those coordinates below highlighted in green, just enter them in the appropriate coordinate boxes and hit your return or enter key. Remember that coordinate numbers in the southern hemisphere must be preceded by a minus sign.

Report 1st image of the tall massive structure: At the above link on the form provided enter 68 in the Latitude box and 346 in the Longitude box and then hit your enter or return key.
Report 2nd image of the tall structure and arrow straight linear line evidence: At the above link on the form provided enter 68 in the Latitude box and 168 in the Longitude box and then hit your enter key.
Report 3rd image of the massive horizontal structure: At the above link on the form provided enter –70 in the Latitude box and 137 in the Longitude box and then hit your enter key. Note this evidence is in the southern hemisphere.
Report 4th image of the massive blocky squared low profile structure: At the above link on the form provided enter –72 in the Latitude box and 108 in the Longitude box and then hit your enter key. Note that this evidence is in the southern hemisphere.
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