Our Story

Our love story...

On a rainy evening in April 2014, Ben was browsing a dating app he had heard about on NPR. "Tinder" was all the rage among young singles looking for that special someone, so being the inquisitive bachelor that he was, he decided to check it out. After a few minutes of browsing he became bored, closed the app and went to bed. The next day, he received a message from the app that he had a match - someone who he expressed interest in, also expressed interest in him. That someone was Katrina. Katrina had also heard about the app, how popular it was among the dating crowd and was doing some of her own browsing the previous night when she stumbled upon Ben's profile. The two messaged and talked for a few days before Ben decided to ask her to lunch. Katrina agreed and Ben chose Skyline Chili as their meeting place.
The first date turned into a second and third date. Ben & Katrina talked about work, hobbies, movies, music and everything in between. They enjoyed more lunches, indoor rock climbing and a visit to a local brewery before Ben asked Katrina to be his girl. Katrina agreed and the two embarked on their journey together.
Ben quickly embraced Kalista and Blake as two incredibly special little people. Katrina constantly received feedback from friends and family on "how good he was with the kids," and how they seemed to really enjoy his company.
Ben & Katrina spent the next 2 years further getting to know each other, taking the kids to the fair, celebrating holidays together and vacationing together. St. Augustine, FL had become a very special destination for them and they vacationed there together each year. It was in St. Augustine that Ben chose to ask Katrina to be his wife.
On July 29, 2017, while vacationing in St. Augustine, Ben treated Katrina to an evening on the town. After seeing live music at a local venue, Ben took Katrina to a local historical site - "The Love Tree". The two had visited "The Love Tree" two years prior when they took in all of the sights St. Augustine had to offer. According to legend, any couple who kiss under the love tree will have a love that will last forever. With misty eyes, Ben took Katrina's hands in his, got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife. Katrina emphatically said yes.
April 29th is a very special day for these two, as it was the first day they met and shared a lunch that, unbeknownst to them, would soon turn into a lifetime together. It is with great honor that they request your presence to celebrate this day - 4 years later - when they will pronounce their commitment to each other in front of all of their loved ones by saying, "I do."

The Wedding

Sunday, April 29, 2018
5:00 PM

Attire: Cocktail


Whittington Boat

9301 South Fairfax Road, Bloomington, IN, USA - K Dock


Fourwinds Lakeside Inn & Marina

9301 S Fairfax Rd, Bloomington, IN 47401, USA

Ceremony (by private invitation only) will be held at The Whittington Boat at 3pm. Ceremony playback and reception will be held in the Admiral Ballroom at Fourwinds at 5pm.

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