5 images from New York Fashion Week

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Along with the new Fall-Winter season have started a new series of fashion shows, where are demonstrated outfits and images for spring and summer 2015. We are examining the make up and hairstyles seen in the first days at the most important New York Fashion Week show.


Altuzarra New York

Balancing between sexuality and openness, the designer Joseph Altuzarra assigned stylists and make up artists the task to create an image that will fit both the first and the second. Strict low bow-beams smoothed with gel and slicked back hair is exactly what you need. Instead it looks like the nature of the make-up, at first sight does not fit in with the word “temptation”. It’s all about the unusual focus on the eyes. Artists have used bundles of false eyelashes, but glued them not closer to the outer corner of the eye, creating a flirty effect of a “cat eye” look, but in the middle. The mascara was also applied in the middle of the lower lashes. Girls started looking like dolls from our childhood able to “blink” their naive round eyes. This impression is intensified by soft pink lips. That’s how it was added a childish naivety to the image, that comes into contrast with the attractiveness of outfits, but at the same time surprisingly complements them.

Altuzarra, Spring-Summer 2015

Altuzarra 2015

Altuzarra 2015

Alexander Wang

While Alexander Wang continues to show his own sport-chic style and bring it to perfection, the backstage make up artists and stylists deliberate over what hair and make up will best complement it. Their conclusion – neutral images in nude gamma (in summer these can also have a sexy tanning glow), and also tight, low ponytails.

Alexander Wang

The basis of the stage make up in the Alexander Wang Spring-Summer 2015 show became the radiant skin. First, by making it even, the make up artists used products able to add a glow to the skin. With the help of a bronzing powder, they stressed the cheekbones, and with a soft highlighter – the area just above and over the temples area. On the eyelids, make up artists applied shadows in tone with the bronzer (this can also be used to emphasize the eyes, in case no other product is available), on the lips barely could be seen a balm. For the second consecutive season, the make up artists, working in the backstage of Wang’s show, insist that the eyebrows should be lightened instead of being accentuated with dark pencils and gels. We’re not sure that many will want to repeat this trick, but we can say that it perfectly intensify the make up without make up effect.

Alexander Wang, Spring-Summer 2015

Alexander Wang 2015

Alexander Wang 2015

If the make up seems simple, actually it consists of many details. But the hairstyle is really simple. You need to gather your hair into a low ponytail and smooth it with gel so as to give a wet look. The remaining  free length must be slightly twisted with stylers so as to get light waves.

Jason Wu

The female elegance that from season to season praises the designer Jason Wu, this time he ennobled it with minimalism and “modernized” with a light sporty style trend. Masters, who worked on the beauty-images of designer’s new collection, stood in solidarity with those who created the hair and make up of the models from Alexander Wang show. Make up without make up and low ponytail were suitable for this show as well, but as we have seen, there were still some differences in some of the details.

Jason Wu New York

Instead of combed back hair – a neatly parting at one side, instead of bleached eyebrows – on the contrary, focus on them. But the radiant skin and blush accentuated cheekbones were present here as well. Naturalness and practicality – this is the formula of season’s most actual image.

Jason Wu, Spring-Summer 2015

Jason Wu 2015

Jason Wu 2015

Jason Wu 2015

Jason Wu 2015


Thakoon New York

The exotic motifs originating from tropical countries, which “built” the new Thakoon collection, could not fail to inspire the backstage stylists to adopt again the trend of the spring-summer season – the wet hair effect. Loose hair, parted in the middle, and thin strands closest to the face, tied back in a knot. Make up artists decided to add in makeup the wet effect, too. Models had glossy glittered eyelids, and the skin was shining. Make up artists refused any bright accents and choose to just add a little color – a delicate peach – and only on cheekbones.

Thakoon, Spring-Summer 2015

Thakoon 2015

Thakoon 2015

Prabal Gurung

Sports and high fashion joined in Prabal Gurung new collection. When creating make up and hairstyles for the show, what counted was not the haute couture chic, but sports, that with each season strengthened its position more and more. Similar with Jason Wu and Alexander Wang, the images had the same laconism, naturalness and comfort.

Prabal Gurung

The make up seems as natural as possible. However, this option is not so simple. Make up artists made sure the skin tone was even, but it seems they used bronzing powders and highlighters more than face foundations. These products were distributed over the entire forehead and cheekbone area. Thanks to this, it was created the impression that the girls were walking all day around the hot sunny city. Their face managed to get a little tan, from the wild temperature on the forehead can be noted an ​​easy sweating, the nose began to shine a little – all this looks very vital and sexy at the same time. In such conditions, the hair could only be gathered in a comfortable ponytail – without smoothing, carelessly and in a hurry.

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5 images from New York Fashion Week
5 images from New York Fashion Week images

2019 year
2019 year - 5 images from New York Fashion Week pictures

5 images from New York Fashion Week recommendations
5 images from New York Fashion Week forecasting photo

5 images from New York Fashion Week images
5 images from New York Fashion Week foto

5 images from New York Fashion Week 5 images from New York Fashion Week new photo
5 images from New York Fashion Week new pictures

photo 5 images from New York Fashion Week
picture 5 images from New York Fashion Week

Watch 5 images from New York Fashion Week video
Watch 5 images from New York Fashion Week video

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